Kim Kardashian Criticized For Telling Women In Business “Get Your F**g A** Up And Work”, Bevy Smith Responds “Entitled People Can’t Tell Me S**t About Working Hard!”

Bevy Smith, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Criticized For Telling Women In Business “Get Your F**g A** Up And Work”, Bevy Smith Responds “Entitled People Can’t Tell Me S**t About Working Hard!”

Some people are not happy with Kim Kardashian’s recent advice to women in business.

During a promotional interview for her family’s new Hulu series “The Kardashian’s”, reality TV star Kim Kardashian offered some arguably tone deaf advice to women in business. Sparking much backlash from fans and celebrities, including tv personality and businesswoman Bevy Smith.

Bevy Smith

The Kardashian family has been in the television spotlight since the premiere of “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s” back in October of 2007. Prior to that, the late husband of Kris Jenner, celebrity lawyer Robert Kardashian, began his family’s ascension to wealth by becoming a successful businessman and representing some of the biggest names in the celebrity game like O.J. Simpson.

So when Kim Kardashian gave advice to working women in business, many pointed out how “tone deaf” the comment was, seeing as though Kim herself had a pretty good head start that contributed majorly to her million dollar fortune.

After being asked what advice they would give to women in business, Kim stated:

“I have the best advice for women in business, get your f—-ing ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

The comment quickly went viral and received much criticism. Actress and celebrity activist Jameela Jamil was one of many who found Kim’s comments offensive, taking to her twitter account to write:

“I think if you grew up in Beverly Hills with super successful parents in what was simply a smaller mansion… nobody needs to hear your thoughts on success/work ethic. This same 24 hours in the day shit is a nightmare. 99.9% of the world grew up with a VERY different 24 hours.”

Most recently, TV personality and business woman Bevy Smith offered her thoughts on Kim’s comments, using her twitter account to lambaste Kim’s statements writing:

“poor people across the country have been gaslit by RICH PEOPLE into believing the reason they aren’t rich is because they don’t work hard! People working 2,3 jobs & still need public assistance “get off their asses every day & work” so this is a privileged fallacy”

Bevy continues on responding to commenters offering explanation and in depth conversation:

And also responding to social media users defending Kim’s comments:

Bevy also posted on her instagram account, offering some statistics of what wealth in America truly looks like with the caption:

“Y’all stop letting #RichPeople gaslight you into believing that you’re not wealthy because you don’t work hard! It’s a fucking lie & it’s disrespectful to people especially Black & Brown people who come from GENERATIONS of hard working people, people who were paid little or nothing & always far less than their White counterparts! Get off your ass & work hard has been our narrative for CENTURIES, so entitled people who grew up in mansions & received a luxury car as a teen can’t tell me shit about working hard! Thanks for coming to my #TedTalk”

Do you agree with Bevy that Kim’s comments gaslight poor people and she shouldn’t be able to comment due to her wealthy upbringing? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

Authored by: Kay Johnson