Tamar Braxton Apologizes To Her Sister Traci Braxton In A Heartfelt Post: I Was Spoiled, Stupid & Selfish

Tamar Braxton Apologizes To Her Sister Traci Braxton In A Heartfelt Post: I Was Spoiled, Stupid & Selfish

There is nothing like sisterly love! Over the years, the Braxton sisters have shared their family ties in their hit reality show, Braxton Family Values. It is no secret that they have gone through lots of drama but in the end, they have proven to love one another unconditionally. Recently, Tamar Braxton took to Instagram to show her big sister, Traci Braxton, just how much she loves her as she apologized for negative comments she made in the past. The Grammy-nominated singer wrote:

“Random Appreciation post to my beautiful, funny, amazing sister @therealtracibraxton …I regret this time the most. “

Tamar Braxton’s open statement references past tweets of her downplaying her sister’s talent (see those here). The two were at odds during the time and Tamar Braxton is now taking accountability for her actions.

“I was spoiled and stupid. Selfish, self righteous and overly sensitive. And I made you feel like s*** with this irrational non deserving post – I think this is when our relationship took a turn for the worst”

Over the years Traci and Tamar Braxton have clashed as sisters. Fans of Braxton Family Values witnessed when things took a turn in the first couple of seasons as Traci and Tamar Braxton branched out as R&B recording artists. Contracts disagreements, failed opportunities of touring together, and envy led the two into a dark place. In recent news, there have been many allegations of Traci Braxton attacking Tamar Braxton at their sister, Trina Braxton’s, wedding in 2019.


Today, Tamar and Traci Braxton seem to be on good terms according to Tamar’s recent post. The sister gloats about their current relationship:

 “We are closer than ever. Probably because WE disinvited the devil in our homes. The truth is she (YOU) are talented and you make bops just like the rest of us in your own style and in your own way.”

The little sister also wrote a kind reminder to her big sister and referenced Traci’s previous nickname The Wannabe on Braxton Family Values. 

 “And it’s is GREAT music? I still jam to #lastcall you are enough and you are for sure not a #wannabe ( F*** them people for saying that.. it’s not and wasn’t ok)you are EVERYTHING..”

As Tamar closes her statement, gives Traci her well-deserved flowers and showers her with love.

“My BIG sister… and I love you with my entire heart. Keep being you!! It’s everything I need – love u Traci,Traci”

Traci Braxton has yet to respond but it appears that a new leaf has been turned.

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Authored by: Jasmine Morrison