Joseline Hernandez Lashes Out At Love & Hip Hop’s Miami Tip After She Shares A Throwback Photo From Their Strip Club Days: ‘Please Don’t Compare Yourself To Me’

Joseline Hernandez Lashes Out At Love & Hip Hop’s Miami Tip After She Shares A Throwback Photo From Their Strip Club Days: ‘Please Don’t Compare Yourself To Me’

It looks like former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ stars Joseline Hernandez and Miami Tip are at odds!

It all began on Wednesday (May 25) when Miami Tip took to social media and shared a throwback photo of she and Joseline Hernandez during their past days of working at a strip club. It appears Miami was promoting her new book, “The Bottom.” The photo shows both women nude on stage. In a heartfelt caption reflecting on how far they’ve come, Miami Tip wrote, 

“It ain’t how you start. It’s how you finish! Dancers see a lot and go through a lot! In my era, we didn’t say we want to be a stripper when we grow up. Hard times fell upon some of us, and we did what we had to do! There are a lot of stories in the strip club and my book “THE BOTTOM LINE” has a lot of them! Click the link in my bio to read my book “THE BOTTOM LINE.”‘

Miami Tip

It appears Joseline Hernandez wasn’t too fond of the throwback photo, and clapped back at Miami Tip. Joseline wrote,

“I Stop Stripping 12 Years Ago..Now I’m on Tour 4 Nights Out of the Week…The Whole World Sings My Songs Word for Word…My Shows Are percent Sold Out…Please don’t Compare yourself to me when you been in the Strip Club Your Entire Life And Still Is. #getthestrap”

Tip took offense to this and fired back at the “Joselines Cabaret” star. Miami Tip shared a recent video of Joseline during a club appearance on stage, stripping with dollar bills surrounding her. Tip says “she’s confused” and that it was “all love”.

In a follow-up post, Tip shared a photo of the inside of her book with a lengthy caption, addressing Joseline’s shady comments. Tip explains the purpose of her book and the growth she has made since leaving the strip club. The former ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami‘ star wrote in part,

“I wrote my book “THE BOTTOM LINE” years ago with no strategy or plan. I just had a message and the message was that all women regardless of status or background go through hard times and they are forced to make tough decisions.”

Miami Tip

She later shared a montage of clips highlighting Joseline Hernandez from her Cabaret reality show appearing angry and upset. Miami Tip expresses her frustration with the self proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess. She said,

“Also, you are right! Me and you aren’t the same. I will never use my platform to degrade women. The whole world watched you make a fool of yourself on tv and turn around a treat those women who looked up to you like dirt. I’ve always been about women empowerment and I always have been the one to motivate everyone around me regardless of what job they have to be the best they can be. I know you remember me always encouraging you, but your problem is you are filled with so much hate and ego that you take everything offensive. Not everyone is evil like you sis, calm dow!!! ..IF SHE THOUGHT MY POST WAS SHADE I CAN IMAGINE WHAT SHE GONNA THINK ABOUT CHAPTER 10 IN MY BOOK”

Joseline Hernandez

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Authored by: Monique Nicole