Yara Shahidi Is Officially Done At Harvard, Completes 136 Page Thesis Paper

Yara Shahidi

Actress Yara Shahidi Is Officially Done At Harvard, Completes 136 Page Thesis Paper [VIDEO]

Twenty-two year old actress, producer, and soon to be Harvard graduate Yara Shahidi continues to take the world by surprise by not only dominating the world in Hollywood at a young age, but also at Harvard University. In 2018, Yara Shahidi chose to attend private Ivy League Harvard University to continue her journey outside of acting.

“I’ve been acting since kindergarten,” says Yara Shahidi in an interview with The New York Times, “so I found it really important to take my time in this next step of my journey and appreciate it.”

Michelle Obama

The decision to pursue Harvard and further education stemmed from Yara’s mentor, author of one of her recommendation letters, Harvard alumna, and First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Oldest daughter to the Obama’s, Malia Obama, also attended the Ivy League school with Yara. Her hard work and recognition on the First Lady’s education initiative, Let Girls Learn, is how she got to know double Ivy League graduate Michelle Obama (she graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law). During her studies at Harvard, Yara double majored in sociology and African American studies.

“I’ve wanted to be a history professor for longer than I’ve wanted to be an actress,” Yara said during a interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

“And so I used to have the Harvard webpage up, and I’d go through the course catalog. So needless to say, this is something I’ve been planning for a long time.”

Four years later, Yara has now completed her last assignment at Harvard which consisted of a thesis paper of 136 pages and 32,000 words. She took to her Instagram and mentioned in a story post that she was off only one hour of sleep and had a lot of support along the way.

Congratulations to Yara!

Authored by: Ariel Whitely