[Video] LHHA Sneak Peek : Joseline Pops Text Slick With Mimi, Shay & Momma Dee Join Forces + K.Michelle Confronts Karlie

In the upcoming episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, the entertainment continues. Joseline has a tropical inspired (Stevie J’s words, not mine), shoot, while she and Stevie J have an argument over her sending nasty text messages to his ex-girlfriend/baby mother Mimi; Shay and Momma Dee have lunch and discuss how Lil Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend/baby mother Erica, left him “for dead” when she failed to take care of him while he was having an asthma attack (Momma Dee also warns Shay that she and Erica may have some sort of issue in the future, over Scrappy); Mimi and Karlie discuss Karlie’s recent encounter with K.Michelle and the potential that she may work with Joseline; and K.Michelle and Karlie come face-to-face…AGAIN. Peep the clip.

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The new episode airs, Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT. *DirecTV viewers even get to tune in!!!* [VH1]