Paula Patton Doesn’t Consider Herself Biracial: I’m Black And I Embrace It

Paula Patton Doesn’t Consider Herself Biracial: I’m Black And I Embrace It, That’s My Family

Paula Patton is in the midst of promoting her BET+ series, Sacrifice, and she’s getting candid on her relationship with her mixed background. In previous interviews the 45-year-old actress has been vocal about identifying as a black womanPaula Patton’s  mother is white and she has a black father so most people would assume she’d identify as biracial. In the past, she’s viewed the term biracial as offensive and said,

“It’s a way for people to separate themselves from African Americans, a way of saying, I’m better than that.”

In a recent interview with The Clay Cane Show, she’s asked if she still thinks the term biracial is offensive. The Deja Vu actress responded and said,

“I feel the exact same way. That’s not to say that I don’t embrace my mother and everything that she’s brought to my life, but it was my mother who let me know, ‘The world is going see you as Black and that is who you are. So don’t have any questions about that.”

Paula Patton goes on to explain that she embraces her blackness and stays true to that no matter what while also being grateful for the lessons her white mother taught as well. She says,

“I’m very grateful for her… The politics of race in our country are such that when [some]one wants to make it very clear that they’re not Black, it’s a way to keep them separate from Black people. We know, we’ve had a long history in this country of it not being popular to be Black, to be honest with you. I’ve always found that to be an offensive term. I’m Black and I embrace it, that’s my family.”

Check out the clip below.

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Authored by: Briana Gabrielle