Kehlani Clears Up Confusion After Social Media Users Mistake ‘Lord of the Rings’ Intro for Sonogram

Kehlani and daughter Adeya

Kehlani Clears Up Confusion After Social Media Users Mistake ‘Lord of the Rings’ Intro for Sonogram

Kehlani is still a mother of one.

The singer-songwriter posted what many people apparently believed to be a sonogram on Thursday, March 17, but it turns out, she was just watching Lord of the Rings.

Kehlani via Instagram

Kehlani took to Instagram the following day to clarify the image. She said,

“way too many people thought this was a sonogram. this, my friends, is the intro of Lord of the Rings.”

Kehlani gave birth to her daughter, Adeya, in the bathroom of her home in March 2019. At the time, she said it was her hardest but also the most rewarding experience to give birth unmedicated. In an Instagram post, Kehlani said,

“This weekend, our angel arrived healthy & perfect in every way in our bathroom at home. Unmedicated  home birth was the absolute hardest yet most powerful thing I’ve ever done.”

Kehlani, Javie Young-White

She co-parents her daughter with her friend Javaughn Young-White, who Essence previously reported was her guitarist prior to them conceiving their baby girl. Kehlani revealed that her pregnancy was planned, and one of the reasons she felt so comfortable with Javaughn Young-White was because, like her, he was bisexual. At the time Kehlani said,

“It was planned so we had a short time frame of having to actually have sex every day. And we were excited that it didn’t start feeling like a chore.”

Kehlani continued,

“I started dating women before I ever dated men. Then I was lucky to find a partner who was a bisexual male. And he really understands my queerness and my fluidity, and I really understand his. It’s very awesome to be understood.”

Kehlani‘s baby daddy being bisexual is likely what made it so easy for him to be supportive when she officially came out as a lesbian in 2021.

As previously reported, Kehlani and Javaughn Young-White, who haven’t been romantically involved since 2018, focus their energy on being healthy co-parents to their daughter. They also attempt to normalize non-heterosexual relationships. Kehlani previously said,

“I have a two-year-old daughter…She’s the best. Me and her dad are like really, really close friends, and the decision to start a family was really easy for us because we both believed in each other’s ability to be good parents. We just focus on being a team, honestly, and when I was able to tell him, like, I’ve come to newer terms with my sexuality and he’s super super super supportive.”

It’s safe to say that being a happy and healthy family of three is enough for Kehlani, at least for now.

Do you think Kehlani’s recent Instagram post resembles a sonogram, or were her followers doing too much? Let us know in the comments!

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