Prince Appears In Never-Before-Seen Interview At 11-Years-Old [VIDEO]

Prince Appears In Never-Before-Seen Interview At 11-Years-Old [VIDEO]

A never-before-seen video of an 11-year-old Prince was uncovered by the WCCO news station.

The film was taken in April 1970 when the Minneapolis Public Schools teachers went on strike.

Prince–then Prince Nelson or “Skipper”–commented on the movement:

“Think they should get a better education too cause…and I think they should get some more money cause they work, they be working extra hours for us and all that stuff.”

News staff reached out to Ronnie Kitchen, a classmate whose name was clearly announced on the extracted audio. They were unable to contact him. Instead, they spoke with Terrance Jackson, one of the legendary musician’s oldest friends.

Jackson confirmed that the child was, indeed, Prince. He explained:

“We go far back as kindergarten at John Hay Elementary in north Minneapolis.”

He lived next door to Prince and played in his first band, Grand Central, as a teenager.

When his late friend appeared on the footage, he exclaimed:

“That is Prince! Standing right there with the hat on, right? That’s Skipper! Oh my God!”

As the mini-interview played, all Jackson could say was “wow.”

Towards the end, he said:

“I am like blown away. I’m totally blown away.”

He recalled:

“[Prince] was already playing guitar and keys by then, phenomenally. Music became our sport. Because he was athletic, I was athletic, but we wanted to compete musically.”

He declared:

“That’s Prince, aka Skipper to the Northside.”

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Authored by: Roganí Araya