Bandman Kevo Says He Had An Affair With YouTuber Kayla Nicole To Help His Wife [VIDEO]

Bandman Kevo, Kayla Nicole, Dyme Kevo

Bandman Kevo Confessed He Had An Affair With YouTuber Kayla Nicole To Help His Wife [VIDEO]

Popular musical artist Bandman Kevo, real name Kevin Ford, 32, recently sat down with SayCheeseTV and claims he had an affair with famous youtuber Kayla Nicole Jones, 20.

Bandman Kevo

Kayla Nicole married her childhood boyfriend, Kyekye, known as Luhkye, in December 2020. The two share a 1-year-old son together. Bandman Kevo also shares children with wife Dyme Kevo. The affair allegations surfaced after Dyme Kevo recently aired out on social media that Bandman Kevo threw her and their kids out of his home. Kevo claims the accusations are false and said that he doesn’t want her in his home, but pays her thousands of dollars daily.

Dyme Kevo hopped on LIVE emotional and crying about a week ago and told viewers that Kevo had kicked her and their kids out of the home after being homeless for months, resulting in them now staying at a hotel.

Dyme Kevo

Dyme Kevo

Kevo’s wife also posted a screenshot of text messages sent from her husband on a alleged back up Instagram page due to him allegedly deleting her page.

According to Kevo, he says he linked up with Kayla Nicole a few months before she got pregnant in 2020 in exchange for help with content across all social media platforms for him and Dyme. While Kayla and Dyme still kept in contact, Dyme claims Kayla was the one to encourage her to air out Kevo. Kevo claims that he still kept it cordial with Kayla, sending her money or sending her shoes upon request. Kevo says,

“She was like ‘Can you cash app me 2500?,’ boom I cash app’d her 2500. She like ‘Ooh I like these shoes buy me these shoes,’ boom I said iight cool, sent her the shoes.” 

Kayla Nicole

Kevo claims he even flew Kayla out of town and gave her $5,000 to attend Dyme’s birthday party in Miami. Kevo says that Kayla’s man was in attendance, but she wanted him to stay back at the airbnb. Kevo eventually realized that a business and personal relationship with Kayla might not happen after all. He said he asked the YouTube star to do a YouTube video or a song with him, where Kayla responded with,

“Just f-ck me.”

Check out the full clip below.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely