Kim Kardashian Draws Attention To Death Row Inmate Melissa Lucio, Petitions Texas Governor To Stop Execution

Kim Kardashian Draws Attention To Death Row Inmate Melissa Lucio, Petitions Texas Governor To Stop Execution

Kim Kardashian continues to use her platform to bring attention to issues and causes most important to her, this time with death row inmate Melissa Lucio.

Melissa Lucio, 53, is a Texas woman convicted of killing her 2-year-old daughter in 2007. Her daughter, Mariah, reportedly sustained fatal injuries after falling down a staircase outside of an apartment in Harlingen. When questioned by police, Melissa Lucio initially denied harming Mariah over 100 times. However, she later admitted to the crime, drained by the grief of Melissa‘s death and her own history of being abused. She is set to be executed on April 27.

Taking to her social media, Kim Kardashian sent a plea to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to spare her life.

“I recently just read about the case of Melissa Lucio and wanted to share her story with you,” she began. “She has been on death row for over 14 years for her daughter’s death that was a tragic accident.”

She continued:

“Her 2-year-old daughter Mariah fell down a flight of stairs and two days later passed away while taking a nap. After she called for help, she was taken into custody by the police. Melissa is a survivor of abuse and domestic violence herself and after being interrogated for hours [sic] falsely pleaded guilty.”

“She wanted the interrogation to end, but police made her words out to be a confession,” she added.

“Please sign the petition to urge @governorabbott to stop her execution. It’s stories like Melissa’s that make me speak so loud about the death penalty in general and why it should be banned when innocent people are suffering.”

Lucio‘s case is one of many highlighted by Kim Kardashian, 41, beginning with Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother from Tennessee. Alice Marie Johnson was serving a life sentence for a non-violent drug offense when she was freed in 2018, after Kardashian went to the White House and asked then-President Donald Trump to grant her clemency. The reality star had learned about Alice Marie Johnson‘s case on social media and felt compelled to help her.

Alice Marie Johnson

After her release, Kardashian began studying to become a lawyer to better understand the legal system and to continue to help fight the injustices of the wrongly convicted. She passed the baby bar in 2021 after three failed attempts and is set to complete her studies in 2023.

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Authored by: Chelsea Stewart