Kim Kardashian’s Law School Has A ‘Tiger King’ Themed Study Guide

Kim Kardashian’s Law School Has A ‘Tiger King’ Themed Study Guide

She may be juggling the responsibilities of being a mom of four, a wife to a superstar rapper, a reality TV star, and a fashion/beauty mogul – but Kim Kardashian is still working hard to achieve her dreams of becoming a lawyer! Last year, she shared that with help from a team of mentors in San Francisco, she had enrolled in law school. Kim Kardashian shared the ups and downs of her first year of study:

“First year of law school, you have to cover three subjects: criminal law, torts, and contracts. To me, torts is the most confusing, contracts the most boring, and crim law I can do in my sleep. Took my first test, I got a 100. Super easy for me. The reading is what really gets me. It’s so time-consuming. The concepts I grasp in two seconds.”

Kim Kardashian

In a recent Instagram Story post, Kim Kardashian’s study guide incorporated an unlikely subject to aid in memorization: Netflix’s “Tiger King” series! Kim Kardashian told followers:

“OMG My law school studying is Tiger King themed today”

One of the questions read:

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“A woman visited a tiger rescue zoo with her family. While she was there, she tripped over a tiger’s tail and injured her arm.”

Answer choice D hilariously referred to Joe Exotic’s arch nemesis:

“Carole Baskin”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay