The Game Sounds Off On Regina Hall’s Oscars Joke About LeBron James’ Hairline

The Game Sounds Off On Regina Hall’s Oscars Joke About LeBron James’ Hairline

While most continue to discuss the infamous Oscars 2022 slap, The Game has focused his attention on another moment that happened during the show. Specifically, a joke Regina Hall made about LeBron James.

The Girls Trip actor co-hosted the event, held on March 27 at the Dolby Theatre, with Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer. At one point, Regina Hall made a joke about LeBron James‘ hairline — something he’s often been ridiculed about. She said:

“I was very disappointed that Space Jam 2 did not get nominated in the Special Effects category for that hairline they gave LeBron James. It was really good!”

The audience erupted into laughter, but The Game is clearly not amused. He called out her comments about the Space Jam 2 actor on Instagram, writing:

“It’s one thing to be a beautiful black woman as accomplished as @morereginahall is & not be able to put your foot down when pre-reading a ‘joke’ clearly written for her by someone else (I’m assuming a white writer). But another thing to try & clown a truly family oriented man of integrity, supreme character & class on a stage where we are still not wanted & truly only get awarded when they feel they should ‘throw the monkey a banana’ as my late grand mother would put it.”

Regina Hall

The Game compared it to the now-viral moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock, in which Will Smith walked on stage and slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith‘s bald head. Jada Pinkett Smith shaved her head in 2021 after losing hair due to alopecia and was clearly pained by the joke. Smith‘s actions drew immediate and widespread condemnation from fans and celebrities alike.

“This is the same way they set up Chris Rock with pre-written content that I’m sure they knew would outrage Jada & Will. They didn’t think Will would slap him for it & that’s where things get tricky…. Because it backed Will Smith into a corner where he acted on impulse & had to defend his wife & make a decision that they are trying to crucify him for.”

Will Smith, Chris Rock

The Game clarified that he wasn’t “personally shooting at Regina Hall or Wanda Sykes.” Really, he thinks the Academy was “conspiring beforehand.”

“I’m just saying, you see they didn’t let Amy Schumer read that line. Furthermore, it’s kool to joke about us with us because we as black folks understand each other in that manner. It is only when it’s pre-written & they’re conspiring before hand to once again use US against US for their own humor.”

Wanda Sykes

He concluded his post by urging readers to “stay woke” and pay attention to the “track record of these huge stages & platforms.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Stewart