Nicki Minaj Says She Had A Conversation With The City Girls, After Previously Explaining Why She Has Issues With The Duo

Nicki Minaj, JT & Yung Miami of City Girls

Nicki Minaj Says She Had A Conversation With The City Girls, After Previously Explaining Why She Has Issues With The Duo

Update: It looks like all is well between Nicki Minaj and the City Girls. This afternoon, Nicki shared that she had a conversation with the group and they are moving on.

Original Story: It might be a while before we get a Nicki Minaj and City Girls collaboration. 

During a recent interview with ‘The Morning Hustle’ radio show, Nicki Minaj, 39, was asked if she would ever do a record with rap duo City Girls, which consist of Yung Miami, 27, and JT, 29. Initially, Nicki Minaj seemed to not want to answer the question and remained silent. However, after a brief pause, the multi-Grammy-Award nominated artist revealed why she doesn’t see herself working with the Miami natives anytime soon. She shared, 

“I don’t know. What I will say is that a few years ago I saw a video of them and I asked someone on their team at that time – I asked someone about them. Like, ‘oh my God, – I saw this video and that’s cute.’ I was thinking about jumping on a record – one of their records that was out at that time.”

She continued, 

“And then social media happened, you understand. Social media happened when –  people will say things about someone like an artist, whether they tweet it or say it. Or whether they get pulled- it gets pulled out of them in an interview or something like that.”

She added, 

“And the thing is whenever you post something on the internet, it’s there forever. Whenever you say something in an interview, it’s there forever.”

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj continued and alluded that the City Girls have an issue with her. 

“That’s just a human way to feel if you hear somebody was saying things about you. Not just one thing [but] repeated things, repeated tweets for years, not just one thing.” 

She added, 

“Why would I work with somebody who doesn’t like me?” 


As previously reported, rumors of a beef between Nicki and the City Girls initially surfaced a few years ago. It’s unclear where the alleged drama started but in 2018, during the height of Nicki’s ongoing issues with Cardi B, 29, Yung Miami revealed in an interview why the City Girls are “team Cardi.” 


In 2019, an old track was leaked of City Girls member JT seemingly taking a few shots at Nicki and Cardi B, 29. 


However, it seems that Yung Miami is ready to have a fresh start with Nicki. Last May she made headlines after publicly asking Nicki to unblock her. She tweeted,

Do you think Nicki Minaj and City Girls will ever be able to put their issues aside and work together one day? Tell us below! 


Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel