‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Apple Watts ‘Unresponsive But Stable’ Following Serious Car Crash, Sister Starts GoFundMe

Apple Watts

‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Apple Watts ‘Unresponsive But Stable’ Following Serious Car Crash, Sister Starts GoFundMe

Reality TV star Apple Watts is reportedly undergoing recovery following her collision last month that caused a tragic car accident.

According to Apple Watt’s sister, Dominique Flournoy, the former “Love & Hip Hop” star Apple Watts, 36, is still “unresponsive, but stable” after being involved in a serious car crash. Reportedly, sources say the accident caused her to suffer a fractured skull, broken spine and a shattered arm. She is currently unable to close her right eye and will undergo surgery on Friday (April 15). She reportedly had one successful surgery on her neck on Tuesday (March 29).

Dominique Flournoy posts to her Instagram account regularly for fans to stay up-to-date on Apple’s road to recovery. A GoFundMe fundraiser has also been organized by Dominique Flournoy for fans and supporters to contribute any help with

“medical and rehabilitation costs, as well as support for her children during her healing process.”

Yesterday (April 11) Dominique Flournoy took to Instagram and updated fans with the latest status of her sister’s progress. She wrote,

“my baby still unresponsive but stable she will undergo surgery on the 15 th for her right eye that doesn’t close all the way they will be putting a weight in the lid that will still allow her to open and close her eye still her nerves are bad on that side and if this isn’t done she could have complications or even go blind because her eye isn’t closing all the way I do need everyone to share tag do whatever is needed for her go fund me I need to move her stuff out of her apartment doctors also mention a payment for transportation waiting for a call back on that but please share the link and keep the prayers coming.” 

As previously reported, on March 24 Apple Watts was involved in a serious car crash. According to theJasmineBRAND, she was driving on the freeway in Baker, CA when her Mercedes collided with a Ford F250 pickup truck. The impact of the crash unfortunately caused Apple’s car to flip multiple times causing her to be ejected out of the window, with the vehicle bursting into flames before coming to a stop. The cause of the car crash has not been determined. To donate to Apple Watts’ GoFundMe, click here.

Our prayers go out to Apple Watts during this time.


Authored by: Ariel Whitely