Singer Muni Long Says She Was NOT Invited To ‘Hrs & Hrs’ Plaque Party, Calls Out Music Exec

Singer Muni Long Says She NOT Invited To ‘Hrs & Hrs’ Plaque Party, Calls Out Music Exec

Apparently, there’s a plaque party happening for Muni Long‘s hit song “Hrs & Hrs.” But she claims to not have been invited.

Muni Long detailed the situation in a series of Tik Tok videos, shared on April 12.

“Come on in here and get this tea while it’s hot,” she began.

Continuing, Muni Long said:

“So apparently it’s a party going on tomorrow where it’s being plaques given away for ‘Hrs & Hrs.’ And guess who’s not getting one? Me! Guess who wasn’t even invited? Me.”

She inserted the alleged invite list, with her name nowhere in sight. The singer claimed the party is being held by J.R. McKee, a music industry executive she worked with before falling out with him in January. She explained:

“You think you’re gonna go there for like a little celebration party, right? He’s gonna present you with a plaque that I’ve never seen, didn’t approve, has my logo on it next to his, which, I’m not cool with that. And here’s the kicker, he’s gonna turn around and use the moment [to promote] one of his artists. He’s gonna play music for you guys, using the moment like he wants to honor you, but really it’s a manipulation tactic. How awesome is that?”

Muni Long continued, detailing her falling out with J.R. McKee, who owns the streaming label MPR Global. She shared:

“I haven’t been in good graces with J.R. since January when I discovered I was being manipulated and I brought it up to him and his partner, Drew … and you know what he said? He said, ‘I’m not in the Muni Long business. I’m in the J.R. McKee business. I don’t care how it makes you feel. You signed [the contract]. I’m going to do what I gotta do for my family.'”

She said she was hurt by his response and felt he was exploiting her “creations.”

“You don’t care about the creator or how what you’re saying to me affects my creative process. You just care about the money. Cool,” she stated.

Muni Long shared some final words on Instagram, making it clear that she does not support J.R. McKee and his label.

“I also hate that there may be other artists who have fallen for the fallacy, believing that I co-sign what is going on and I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT,” she added.


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Authored by: Chelsea Stewart