Update: Xzibit Tells Estranged Wife To Get A Job After She Sued Him For Allegedly Breaking Oral Commitment To Provide Lifelong Financial Support

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Update: Xzibit Tells Estranged Wife To Get A Job After She Sued Him For Allegedly Breaking Oral Commitment To Provide Lifelong Financial Support

Update: (Nov. 15, 2022): Xzibit wants his estranged wife to stop watching his pockets and go clock in somewhere.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, the rapper asked the judge presiding over his ongoing divorce battle to order his ex, Krista Joiner, to undergo a vocational evaluation. The evaluation, which will be conducted by a court-appointed official, is meant to determine Krista’s ability to work, “as well as her available employment options.”

The information that the expert obtains during the examination will be used to help the court determine how much spousal and child support should be awarded.

The “Pimp My Ride” host claims his ex previously agreed to submit to an evaluation but has since gone back on her word. He wants her sanctioned to the tune of $5,590 for skipping out on their alleged agreement.

Original Story: (Nov. 10, 2022): Xzibit (real name Alvin Nathaniel Joiner) just might have to pay up, at least if his ex has her way.

Krista Joiner, who split from the rapper in 2021, is suing him for allegedly violating an oral commitment to support her financially for the rest of her life. Krista Joiner claims in recent court records that her ex agreed that as long as she stayed at home and took care of the family, he would make sure she received “lifelong support.”

According to Krista Joiner,

“during the time the parties maintained their relationship, (Xzibit) would combine his skills, efforts, labor and earnings and would share equally with her and all property acquired and accumulated by him or by and through any entity in which he had an interest, or which increased in value or was entitled thereafter to acquire or accumulate.”

She added,

“In the event the parties’ relationship ended, all of the property acquired, or entities or businesses established, or which property or entities/businesses increased in value, during their relationship as a result of (Xzibit’s) skills, efforts, labor, and earnings, regardless of how the title was formally held, would be divided equally between them.”

Xzibit & His Wife

It appears that Krista Joiner is having difficulties as a result of recently losing her job. She is currently unable to maintain herself or their son due to a lack of income. The rapper’s former partner claims she is ignored when she asks him for things like food, gas money, and even haircuts for their child.

In the new lawsuit, she also claims they agreed to continue living as husband and wife in public and that she would “further render services,” including serving as her ex’s

“confidant, companion, social and business partner, homemaker, housekeeper, and consultant in connection with financial and family matters.”

Krista believes the rapper is hiding his assets amid the divorce and denies having enough income to pay a significant sum in support. In fact, according to what the rapper’s brother allegedly informed her, he is killing it in the marijuana industry and makes a million dollars every month. The brother claimed to have personally stored $20 million for Xzibit in several locations.

Krista and Xzibit share two sons, Gatlyn, and Xavier, who died in 2008 at just 11 days old. Prior to filing for divorce in 2021, the former couple dated for 20 years and was married for six.

Xzibit & his son Gatlyn

Xzibit also has an older son from a prior relationship named Tremayne.

In the end, Krista states that Xzibit repeatedly made commitments to support her individual needs even if she occasionally wished to pursue career prospects or other endeavors that would divert her attention from taking care of Xzibit or their family’s requirements.

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