Kirk Franklin’s Estranged Son Kerrion Still Stuck Behind Bars Amidst Being Granted $35K Bond 

Kirk Franklin’s Estranged Son Kerrion Still Stuck Behind Bars Amidst Being Granted $35K Bond


Reality tv star Kerrion Franklin– estranged son of gospel singer Kirk Franklin– remains behind bars over a week after his arrest despite finally being granted bond.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Kerrion Franklin has been granted a bond of $35K after spending a week in jail. As previously reported, the 33-year-old ‘Bad Boys Los Angeles‘ star was arrested in the early morning on April 10 while driving in Beverly Hills. Reportedly, he was initially pulled over for a busted tail light, but is now facing several felony charges.

Kerrion Franklin

According to entertainment blogger Larry Reid– who spoke with Kerrion Franklin from behind bars–Franklin got into an “altercation with the cops,” which resulted in a “resisting arrest” charge. In addition to that, police reportedly found an illegal gun inside the vehicle that Franklin was driving, which added another charge. However, according to Reid, Franklin said the police “are trying to slap two other charges on him just because” and he never resisted arrest. Kerrion Franklin also alluded that the found gun by police was planted inside the car.

Larry Reid explained,

“[Kerrion Franklin] called me today and he was telling me that he has been arrested and he’s been locked in jail. He said that he was wrongfully arrested.”

He added,

“Now this is what [Franklin] told me. He told me that he was wrongfully arrested and he was stopped because of his taillight. So when they did that – he said that they putting – this is what he said – that they putting other charges on him and now he can’t get out until Tuesday.”

In speaking with Larry Reid, Kerrion Franklin described the conditions in jail as “not cool.” During the call, Kerrion says he hasn’t been treated well in prison and alleges he’s being set up. Kerrion stated:

“I’ve been asking for medical attention and haven’t been acknowledged, just been denied….It’s just unfortunate.”

He continued:

“My inner circle is changing….different things have been happening around me feeling like I’m being set up. Feeling like people are trying to catch me doing wrong.” 

Kerrion is pleading for help from his estranged father, Kirk Franklin, from behind bars — claiming he was wrongfully arrested and needs a lawyer to get out. Kirk has remained silent throughout this ordeal.

Kirk Franklin

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Authored by: Monique Nicole