Kirk Franklin’s Son, Reality Star Kerrion Franklin, Allegedly Arrested In Connection To Murder Of Missing Woman

Kirk Franklin, Kerrion Franklin

Kirk Franklin’s Son, Reality Star Kerrion Franklin, Allegedly Arrested In Connection To Murder Of Missing Woman

Reality star Kerrion Franklin, son of gospel artist Kirk Franklin, was recently arrested following a stop in California and is allegedly being accused of having ties to a murder.

According to reports, 34-year-old “Bad Boys” cast member Kerrion Franklin was apprehended over the weekend and is allegedly facing several felony charges. Entertainment blogger Larry Reid recently shared that Kerrion Franklin reached out to him following the arrest and claimed he was “wrongfully” detained by the police. Reid said,

“[Kerrion Franklin] called me today and he was telling me that he has been arrested and he’s been locked in jail. He said that he was wrongfully arrested.”

He added,

“Now this is what [Franklin] told me. He told me that he was wrongfully arrested and he was stopped because of his taillight. So when they did that – he said that they putting – this is what he said – that they putting other charges on him and now he can’t get out until Tuesday.”

Kirk Franklin, Kerrion Franklin

However, it seems like Franklin’s arrest might involve a lot more than a simple vehicle violation. Reid continued and shared that when he looked into what it would take to help get Franklin out of jail he learned that the “Bad Boy” had some serious charges and allegations against him. Reid said,

“When I looked – [I learned that ] they arrested him because of some charges in Texas and the charges in Texas – there’s no bond for them.”

He continued and claimed that during the initial stop, Franklin got into an “altercation with the cops,” which resulted in a “resisting arrest” charge. In addition to that, police reportedly found an illegal gun inside the vehicle that Franklin was driving, which added another charge. However, according to Reid, Franklin said the police “are trying to slap two other charges on him just because” and he never resisted arrest. Franklin also alluded that the found gun by police was planted inside the car.

Kerrion Franklin

Unfortunately, this crazy situation doesn’t end there. Reportedly, Franklin’s stop and arrest had nothing to do with a taillight at all but instead is connected to a murder. Sources claim that the vehicle that Franklin was stopped in actually belongs to a missing woman, who is said to be his girlfriend. Reportedly, the missing woman in question is speculated to have been murdered. While speaking on the allegations Reid said,

“He told me that the brake light was out and that’s why they stopped him [but my source said] that may not be the reason why they stopped him, [it’s] because he was driving the car of the murdered victim.”

According to reports, Franklin has been charged with three felony charges. However, the official police report of his arrest and the charges have yet to be revealed.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel