Rick Ross Plans To Sign Two Artists From Africa To Join His Label Maybach Music Group

Rick Ross

Rick Ross Plans To Sign Two Artists From Africa To Join His Label Maybach Music Group

Maybach Music Group, a record label imprint founded by rapper Rick Ross, is looking to expand its talents outside of the states.

The Biggest Boss/record executive founded a label that is home to successful artists such as Rick Ross himself, Meek Mill, Wale and Omarion, among others. Now, he is looking to expand the empire even more. Rick Ross, 46, recently revealed he plans to sign two new artists from Africa to his Maybach label in new project “MMG Africa.”

Over the weekend, Ross celebrated this year’s Easter holiday in Nigeria as he remained in the country following his latest concert in Lagos. Ross felt the love so much in the motherland that he took the time to appreciate his many Nigerian fans. While sitting in his hotel room, Ross shared,

“I just woke up here on Easter and I just wanted to share love and just want to rep. I feel like it’s not enough American artists shedding light on Africa, supporting African artists, so what I wanted to do was just wake up and I’ma go out in the city today. I’ma go out in the slums, I’ma go places that the police don’t even want to go and I’ma just show love.”

The entrepreneur/CEO also shouted out several Nigerian artists/celebrities for representing his brands. He added,

“I want to start by showing love to everybody that’s in my family. Everybody that’s been repping Rick Ross, MMG, Bel-Aire, Bumbu, McQueen, Villon, all the real brand ambassadors, I want to shout some of y’all out. I’ma start with Hamisa, Valery Ayena, Stanley Enow, Blanche Bailly.”

In a separate video, Ross revealed the amazing amount of talent in the country of Nigeria and announced his plans to sign two artists from Africa this year to help expand the African music industry. He said,

“After being in Nigeria the other night, I saw so much talent and so many fly artists and dope performers that it’s official. Maybach Music Africa, Rick Ross will be signing two artists. Better believe it from parts of Africa, so let’s stay in touch, let’s build.”

The “Maybach Music” rapper kept his word and went out into the country of Angola (aka the slums) on Easter Day. Walking alongside townspeople, Ross can be seen walking into their homes, taking pictures, videos, and giving out hugs to his fellow brothers and sisters.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely