Howard Stern Says “Will Smith Shouldn’t Have Been Treated Any Different Than Dave Chappelle’s Attacker”: They Didn’t Break Will’s Hands!

Howard Stern, Dave Chappelle, Will Smith

Howard Stern Says “Will Smith Shouldn’t Have Been Treated Any Different Than Dave Chappelle’s Attacker”: They Didn’t Break Will’s Hands!

Radio host Howard Stern strongly disapproves of how Will Smith‘s Oscars attack was handled by Hollywood.

On a recent episode of his self titled talk show, Howard Stern shamed the Oscars and audience members for “consoling” Will Smith, and allowing him to return to the show after slapping Chris Rock on live TV back in March. According to the media personality, Will Smith should’ve been treated as aggressively as the man who recently attempted to attack comedian Dave Chappelle on stage. The man, later identified as Isiah Lee, was photo’d leaving the incident bloodied on an ambulance stretcher.

Howard Stern, who’s previously judged on America’s Got Talent, echoed similar sentiments as other live entertainers regarding the infamous Oscars moment. The moment, referring to Will Smith physically assaulting Chris Rock over a tasteless joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head while hosting the Oscars.

Howard says being in the zone while on a stage makes entertainers vulnerable which doesn’t mix well with people getting “nuttier”. He stated:

“I hate to say it but I’ve always thought, I told you I used to do live — America’s Got Talent. I always thought it’s these live shows and everything, it’s crazy because people are getting nuttier and nuttier and they’re going to use these opportunities to attack people.”

He continued:

“When you’re doing your job and you’re in the zone, you’re hyper-focused on it. So being on stage is really weird cause you’re not — you can’t sit there and go ‘I hope no one from the f*cking audience comes up.’”


The show host then goes on to praise Jamie Foxx who was in the audience at Dave Chappelle‘s recent comedy show. During the performance, Isaiah Lee attempted to tackle Dave while performing. However, the comedian dodged the attack, and Isaiah was subsequently roughed up by security. Howard stated:

“Unlike the Academy Awards, Jamie Foxx came running out on stage and helped Dave Chappelle….This guy jumped up on stage and attacked Dave Chappelle. — As soon as that happened, did they let him go back to his seat and laugh and sit next to his wife and then give them an award? No! They took him back stage, they broke his arms and hands so bad.”

Then continued:

“They f*cking beat the sh*t out of him. But! At the Academy Awards everyone came over and consoled Will Smith — because it was live television and Hollywood didn’t know what to do about Will Smith.”

Howard ended his rant, suggesting that the King Richard star should’ve been roughed up just as Dave’s attacker had been, stating:

“You don’t treat Will Smith any different than they did the Chappelle attacker….. They didn’t break Will’s hands, they shook.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson