Magic Johnson Wanted to Hit Howard Stern After Controversial 1998 Interview Where He Was Told He ‘Had Fun Getting AIDS’ & Was Accused Of Talking Like A White Man

Magic Johnson Wanted to Hit Howard Stern After Controversial 1998 Interview Where He Was Told He ‘Had Fun Getting AIDS’ & Was Accused Of Talking Like A White Man


Howard Stern, 68, has always been known for being controversial and pushing the envelope, often times creating conflict between him and others in the entertainment industry. While it’s been several years since their awkward encounter, it appears Magic Johnson, 62, still isn’t over Stern’s past remarks. NBA legend, Magic Johnson revealed that he wanted to hit Howard Stern after the radio/tv personality made comments about his HIV-diagnosis during Johnson’s 1998 late-night talk show “The Magic Hour”.

Reportedly, after “The Magic Hour” premiered, Howard Stern began attacking the show on his popular radio show, criticizing Johnson and mocking his comedic timing and interviewing skills. In an effort to increase ratings, the producers of Johnson’s show decided to invite Stern on as a guest.

Howard Stern

While the show was short lived and was canceled after only a few months, Stern’s appearance on the “The Magic Hour” became one of the most talked about moments. Reflecting on the infamous interview, Magic Johnson recently revealed that he hasn’t spoken to Howard Stern since their 1998 sit down.

“So many times, I wanted to say something and hit him at the same time — on air…I was mad when they booked him. But there’s nothing you can do. When people look for ratings, this is what happens.”

Magic Johnson

The infamous interview went off the rails from the start. Jonson started off by asking Stern,

“Let’s get right to it, Why have you been talking about me so much, man?”

Stern then explained his criticism before proclaiming that he was “Blackest Black man you’ll ever meet.”

“The thing you need to work on, in my estimation, is that you’ve gotta stop trying to talk like the white man. Everybody’s anti-Ebonics. I say, let it fly! What you need to do, ‘my brotha,’ is to really get down with it. You talk Ebonics all you want.”

Howard Stern continued,

“Listen, you’re a Black man. I grew up in a Black neighborhood. I’m Blacker than you are, trust me. I’m the Blackest Black man you’ll ever meet. And I’m telling you right now, when I lived in Roosevelt, Long Island, which is a Black ghetto, everybody talked like this.. I was a big marble mouth, but it was fascinating, because I was one of the people. Why does everybody have to understand every word you say? Who cares what you got to say? No difference what you say.”

The conversation then quickly turned to Magic Johnson and his  HIV status. Stern said,

“You had the life I wanted.. These were white chicks? Black chicks? What do we got? What did you prefer? You would have sex with everybody? At least you had fun getting AIDS.”

Johnson then corrected Stern, saying he had HIV, not AIDS.

While Magic Johnson was upset that his producers booked the controversial personality, he now says he learned a lot from the experience.

“It is what it is. I learned a lot from that. I’ve never put myself — or HIV and AIDS, or my race — in that position again, ever again.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole