Ray J Recounts His ‘Four Hour’ Meet-Up W/ Kanye West To Recover Kim Kardashian Pics/Footage: He Sat On The Floor & He Watched Everything I Gave Him + Says He Wanted Kanye To Help Him Clear His Name

Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Kanye West

Ray J Says He & Kanye West To Recover Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Footage: He Sat On The Floor And He Watched Everything I Gave Him + Says He Asked Kanye To ‘Keep This Private, Father To Father’


It looks like Ray J is holding nothing back and is ready to tell it all!

The 41-year-old Love & Hip Hop star is getting very candid about his four hour meet-up with Kanye West, 44, in October to recover the remaining footage of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. The October 8 meeting at Los Angeles International Airport was portrayed in the Kardashians’ new Hulu series, and it appears Ray J isn’t too fond on how he is being perceived.

As previously reported, Kim Kardashian, 41, and Ray J dated on-and-off between 2002 and 2009. At the time, they were both 21. He says that he had never possessed a copy of any of the sex tapes they made together and that he only has photos and texts Kim sent him between that time frame.

Kim Kardashian, Ray J

While Ray J has remained quiet over the matter, he says the final straw came when the Kardashians made the sex tape a storyline in their new Hulu show. He also claims that despite Kanye’s remarks of extortion, he did not ask to be paid, did not receive any money and was happy to hand it over to allay Kim’s fears.

Now, Ray J is detailing his four hour meeting with Kanye West to set the record straight once and for all. During a recent interview, Ray J revealed how he told Kanye everything – including how he, Kim and Kris Jenner, 66, allegedly teamed up to release the original tape. Ray J said,

“I gave it to him in a private terminal at the back of Los Angeles airport, in a private room where we talked for four hours…I gave him everything I had, I showed him everything I had – he sat on the floor and he watched everything I gave him.”

Kanye West

He continued,

“It was everything I felt could have been looked at negatively. It was text messages with me and Kim over the years, it was a lot of different pictures we sent to each other over the years after the sex tape…I was showing him these timelines and letting him know that everything that’s been said to him is not true.”

Ray J said he agreed to the meeting only if it was kept private. He was shocked when Kanye made it public in an interview in January. Ray J explained,

“I asked him to keep this private. Father to father, I didn’t want anyone to know that I did this because I was genuinely trying to make peace. All I wanted from him was for him to help me clear my name. I can’t keep being blackballed like this.”

Ray J expressed disappointment in Kanye West, says he thought the two had a genuine moment and had an understanding. He explained,

“It defames my character so much for a dude to come and get a laptop that I gave him and specifically told him do not tell anybody we even met because I’m genuinely giving you this laptop to make you feel better, father to father. 

He continued,

“I thought that we had a good moment at that one time. I felt like we could build from this and I told Kanye exactly how all of this happened. But it totally went in one ear and out the other. ” 

According to Ray J, Kanye was even seen wearing the same outfit he wore to their LAX meeting in the scene that aired on the Hulu show where he handed over the laptop to Kim. The scene also included a moment where Kris Jenner asked Kanye if he had handed Ray J ‘a big fat check’ in which Kanye said,

“We’re never getting extorted again.”

Kim Kardashian – Kardashians Hulu Show

Ray J later explains his reasoning behind bringing all of this information to light.

“It brought up all these things that have been going on over the years and I really had to slap myself and say, ‘Ray, don’t forget that none of this is true, man’. Don’t forget that everything they’re saying is all false. At this point, I don’t care how much money I make and I don’t care about how much money I lose.”

He continued,

“It’s about my life. It’s about this is my truth and protecting my family. Whatever they’re going to do to me now after I told my truth, it’s all good because now I feel like I can breathe. If I was to die tomorrow, I would feel better now because I know that my truth was told before it was over. That’s just how I feel – nothing matters but the truth.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole