Update: Gizelle Bryant’s Ex Jamal Bryant Apologizes In Front Of His Congregation For Slamming Kevin Samuels [VIDEO]

Jamal Bryant, Kevin Samuels

Update: Gizelle Bryant’s Ex Jamal Bryant Apologizes In Front Of His Congregation For Slamming Kevin Samuels [VIDEO]

Update #1: Jamal Bryant has apologized for the comments he previously made about Kevin Samuels. He also sent his condolences and talks about taking accountability.  See the clip below.

Original Story: Pastor Jamal Bryant recently shared his not so positive opinion of Kevin Samuels.

During a sermon, the ex-husband of Real Housewives Of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant, referred to recently deceased internet personality Kevin Samuels as a weak man. Warning his congregation to steer clear of men like the Youtuber, Jamal Bryant goes on to attack Kevin Samuels philosophies on women and relationships.

In the increasingly viral clip, Jamal Bryant, 50, addresses the GoFundMe set up in memory of the late media personality. Speaking about Kevin he states:

“How can a man say that you are of low value after 35? – How can a man say that you do not have the level of traction of a high powered man when that man has to get a GoFundMe for his funeral.”

Relationship expert Kevin Samuels circulated headlines prior to his passing for sharing his controversial opinion that women over 35 are “used goods”. The social media influencer regularly garnered extreme love or hate emotions when sharing his philosophies, with many believing he often unnecessarily disparaged Black women.

As Jamal Bryant riled up the church crowd, he continued condemning Kevin’s character stating:

“Look at another sister and say ‘I do not hate men’. I just despise weak men. I despise cowardous men….I don’t have to lower my standard! – That man gotta step all the way up to deal with a queen on my level!”

As the clip continued getting exposure, the pastors comments were met with very mixed reactions by social media users. Some people called Jamal a hypocrite, noting the “un-Godly” nature of condemning a dead man. Additionally, Jamal’s critizers reminded him of his past transgressions. Of them, includes stepping out on his ex-wife Gizelle Bryant and fathering other children, causing their split after 6 years of marriage.

Some agreed with the message of the sermon, showing support for Jamal amid the backlash. While others acknowledged that while Jamal’s message may have been good, it’s delivery method may not have been in great taste.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson