‘LHHATL’ Star Bambi Talks Gentle Parenting, Criticizes Parents Who ‘Backhand’ Their Children


‘LHHATL’ Star Bambi Talks Gentle Parenting, Criticizes Parents Who ‘Backhand’ Their Children

Bambi (real name Adizia Benson) has a message about the way some parents are raising their children.

The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star, who has three children with rapper Lil’ Scrappy, recently used social media to impart some wisdom about gentle parenting. She also condemned parents who “backhand” their kids.

Bambi said,

“So for the longest I have been trying to figure out why so many people have an issue with the term ‘gentle parenting’ and the way that people are raising their kids now. I don’t understand it. I don’t feel like gentle parenting is a direct correlation between like, your kids being disrespectful and walking all over you and all that types of stuff.”

She continued,

“I feel like, you know, gentle parenting is a space where you create for your kids so that they can feel like they have a voice, they have an opinion, you can help regulate their emotions and their feelings and truly try to tap in to what they have going on. I feel like when this is done properly, our kids go out into the world, they can be respectful because they have been respected at home. They can choose the people that they feel are appropriate to be around them, the people that value them and respect them and show empathy. … Now on the flip side, the people out here who feel like it’s cool to just go ahead and backhand your kid in the mouth because they’re talking back, what is that showing your kid? We ain’t supposed to hit dogs, we ain’t supposed to hit old people … but you’re telling your kid that they really ain’t sh*t because, you know, they can just be backhanded in the mouth at any moment, with no consequence.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic’s definition, gentle parenting is an evidence-based method that results in content, self-assured kids.

In her caption, Bambi said,

“Even before I had kids I always made it my business to connect with & empathize with everyone & especially when kids would be talking & other adults are so into their own conversations I would always kneel down and hear what anyone’s kid had to say. I know for sure I was put here to be a mother & I don’t take that responsibility lightly.”

She added,

“I’m not concerned with how other people perceive me… the proof of your true character will show in the things you instill in your children. I hope they never feel small enough to deal with anyone who won’t love, respect & empathized with them unconditionally. Please stop smacking y’all kids and humiliating them! Yes … the real world is tough… we get it !! But show them that they’re important enough to only be where the love and respect resides”

Bambi‘s message comes not long after the LHHATL cast gathered in Las Vegas to promote “Dancehall Queen” Spice‘s Grammy nomination. At that time, Lil’ Scrappy confronted Momma Dee for allegedly telling the other cast members that he had filed for divorce. Lil’ Scrappy denied ever saying such to his mother.

Still, the rapper was able to realize that his current treatment of his wife, Bambi, is being influenced by his mother’s past work as a pimp.

Bambi and Lil’ Scrappy are parents to son Breland, and daughters Xylo and Cali. Lil’ Scrappy also has an older daughter, Emani, who he shares with his ex-fiancé Erica Dixon.

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Authored by: S. G.