Master P Is Legally Divorced, 10-Years After Separation From Ex Wife

Master P, Sonya Miller

Master P Is Legally Divorced, 10-Years After Separation From Ex Wife

After being separated from his wife for 10 years, Master P is finally legally single.

According to legal documents, Master P, 54, and ex-wife Sonya Miller, 51, are officially no longer a couple, however, it’s unclear if their divorce is finalized or if they’re still figuring out the details.

As previously reported, Sonya Miller and Master P got married in 1989. Sonya filed for divorce almost ten years ago in 2013. According to Master P, the couple settled things privately in 2016, but it was never officially reported to court. Five years later, Master P submitted documents in December 2021 which requested a judge to declare him legally single. The former couple share 7 children together.

Master P has a total of nine children, including Lil Romeo.

Romeo Miller

Lil’ Romeo, Sonya Miller, Master P (circa 2005)

Speaking to Wendy Williams back in 2014, Master P addressed some of the issues he and Sonya faced in their marriage. He said,

“To realize in a relationship, you know, things happen. People grow together, they grow apart. My whole thing is, I’m not mad at her, you know, I love her, she’s my kids mother and we got to take care of our kids forever.”

Master P, Wendy Williams

He continued,

“I think what people got to realize is when lawyers come into the play and you got lawyers that don’t know your business, don’t know where you come from they play a big effect and I want to apologize to her, you know, to be honest with you because I’m not perfect, nobody’s perfect.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole