B.o.B Reportedly Sued For $3 Million

Rapper B.o.B Reportedly Sued For $3 Million In Unpaid Royalties

Not so good news for B.o.B!

Reportedly, the 33-year-old rapper/producer has found himself in the middle of a very expensive lawsuit. According to legal documents, Round Hill Music and Artists Rights Management claims B.o.B (born Bobby Ray Simmons) allegedly violated a 2017 deal which requires the rapper to hand over certain royalties associated with public performances of his music. B.o.B’s touring company is also named in the lawsuit. The ‘Nothin On You’ rapper has 20 days to respond, otherwise, it could become a very expensive legal default–$3 Million to be exact.


B.o.B told sources that the blame should go to his former manager who allegedly “entered into agreements” without the rappers knowledge. He explained,

“I have not seen the lawsuit but am aware my former manager had entered into agreements without my knowledge. I take my business seriously and look forward to getting to the truth of what happened.”

Authored by: Monique Nicole