Hitmaka Denies Getting Into Physic Altercation w/ Ex Tink, Producer Claims He Never Touched Her & She Only Went To The Internet Because He Has Footage Of Her Attacking Him: ‘She Slapped Me’

Tink, Hitmaka

Hitmaka Denies Getting Into Physic Altercation w/ Ex Tink, Producer Claims He Never Touched Her & She Only Went To The Internet Because He Has Footage Of Her Attacking Him: ‘She Slapped Me’

It looks like exes Tink and Hitmaka are going at one another.

Both entertainers went live recently to discuss a nasty incident that happened between them after running into each other on separate vacations.

Tink, Hitmaka

It seems that Tink, real name Trinity Home, spoke about the situation first during an instagram live rant. The 28-year-old songstress stated she felt the need to come online and address what went down just in case video of her “going up” on her music collaborator began to make its way around the internet. According to her, an altercation happened after the former love birds ran into each other in Cancun on separate vacations. She explained:

“If you happen to see a video of me going up in Cancun treating Hitmaka please understand that it was very justified and I honestly had to do what I had to do, because I’m not one to be playing with.”


The “Fake Love” artist went on to explain that she and her ex haven’t been on speaking terms, but ended up eating at the same restaurant right next to each other while on the island. Apparently, Tink was celebrating with her sister while Hitmaka, real name Christian J. Ward, was celebrating his 38th birthday. It seems the songstress believes he followed her to the island to flaunt the several women accompanying him. While Tink claims to have kept it cordial, stating she texted him happy birthday at the eatery to no response, things took a turn after the producer continuously ignored her, effectively “disrespecting her”. She continued:

“As I’m walking out this man walks out with the three strags that he likes to carry around, acting as though he’s the God and literally…I call his name ‘Berg what’s up’. The man walks by and mind you y’all, we been doing business for how many years, how many albums have we put out. [It’s] the fact that he could not even just say ‘hello’ not even just say ‘what’s good’.”

Tink album produced by Hitmaka

Adding about the alleged physical altercation:

“I walked to his car…’Berg what’s tea? What’s up so you…literally gonna ignore somebody that you’ve been working with for literally three years?’ So y’all clearly I opened the car door. I had to let him know that’s some b***h s**t…you’re not gonna disrespect me. I’ve been nice and cordial, the least you can do is say ‘hey’. I’m your artist…I had to check him for being fake.”

Tink went on to claim that in giving Hitmaka nearly $1 million per record to produce her albums, she expects to be respected even if personally they aren’t on the best of terms. The day after the musician’s video began circulating, Hitmaka took to live to explain his side things. According to him, Tink is silenced in his phone so he wasn’t aware that she messaged him at the restaurant. Additionally, he says that his artist and her group started yelling his old moniker “Yung Berg” at him in an taunting way, prompting him to record. In case you’re unfamiliar, Berg was the famed producers rap name before rebranding himself.

Hitmaka went on explain he knew the situation would get ugly after that, and wanted to make clear that there was no “physical altercation” as he never touched her. He stated on the live:

“To be honest with you, I love Trinity, we love each other. We’re going through a breakup,”

After explaining what lead up to the car moment from his perspective, he continued:

“She opened the car and put her hands on me…No it wasn’t [no physical altercation], she came and slapped me…it wasn’t no altercation…I f**k with her. I think she wrong for putting her hands on me…it’s whatever.” 

Hitmaka went on to state that it’s all love between them and that they will speak soon and move forward. However, the exec says he had to speak on it publicly because of the “narrative” being portrayed that suggested he was physical with her, which he adamantly claims he wasn’t. The former couple began dating back in 2021 after working on the singer’s “Heat of the Moment” album. While both were relatively quiet about the relationship, Tink made their romance public sharing an image of the two with the caption:

“Locked In”

It’s unclear why they ultimately decided to part ways, but Hitmaka did insinuate in the live that he made the decision not to move forward. Additionally, the former “Love & Hip-Hop” star claims this isn’t the first time Tink allegedly attacked him. However, he opted not to fully elaborate or offer proof of his claims. It doesn’t seem Tink has stated anything further on the matter at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson