EXCLUSIVE: Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s Melody Holt Says ‘Some Of Her Divorce Will Play Out’ On Reality Show + Talks Filming Amidst Pandemic

Melody Holt

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Marriage Huntsville’s Melody Holt Says ‘Some Of Divorce Will Play Out’ On Reality Show + Talks Filming Amidst Pandemic

‘Love and Marriage Huntsville’ star and entrepreneur Melody Holt recently spoke with theJasmineBrand in an exclusive interview. Melody Holt discussed a variety of things including ‘Love and Marriage Huntsville’ and how she came up with the idea of the show, her filing for divorce from her husband Martell Holt, and the possibility of shooting Season 3 of the OWN series with the coronavirus pandemic still in tow.

When asked about where she is at in terms of her marriage and filing for divorce, Melody Holt stated,

“Right now, it’s a private matter that I’m not really discussing right now at this moment. Of course you guys will get to see some of it play out on the show. But in terms of actually discussing it at this moment, I’m not, but I appreciate everybody and I love everybody and I appreciate all of the prayers.”

Carlos King

Melody Holt also discussed bringing the idea of LMH to OWN and creating the show with Executive Producer Carlos King, revealing that it took around 3 years for the show to finally come together.

“Martell and I were having a conversation one day and he was like ‘Hey you know what’s something that you really want to do or you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life?’ My response was being on TV –  maybe hosting or acting something in the entertainment arena…So one of our friends told us about Carlos King and how he had been involved with the housewives…We paid for the consultation, drove to Atlanta and met with him. After we met with him it was a great experience by the way. We shared with him our idea, gave him the treatment we put together and over the next few years we stayed in contact with him and pretty much sold him why Huntsville would be a great place for a reality show.”

She continued and Huntsville isn’t typically a hot spot but is definitely worth showing on TV.

You think about Huntsville, Alabama people have this preconception of what Alabama is, so we had to show him how Huntsville is the number two research park in the nation, home of NASA, so I’m just sharing with him how great Huntsville is. It was three years after that original sit down with Carlos King and now we have the number one show for its time slot across all networks. So you have to be patient and you have to be determined and so that’s where the whole thing came from.”

Melody added that the plans are for Season 3 of the show, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic are still not finalized.

“That’s not something we’ve discussed yet because we’ve been pushed back with Season 2 due to COVID unfortunately a lot of production has been shut down we still have more of the season we’re shooting so it’s one of those things where everything has been slowed down tremendously but trust me like I said we ain’t going nowhere.”

The mother of four also says that she is open to having a spinoff, but would not reveal any more details past that. See the full interview with Melody Holt below.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla