Kirk Franklin Discusses His Son’s, Kerrion Franklin, Recent Arrest: He May Never Understand The Gravity Of What He Did

Kirk Franklin, Kerrion Franklin

Kirk Franklin Discusses His Son’s, Kerrion Franklin, Recent Arrest: He May Never Understand The Gravity Of What He Did

Gospel artist Kirk Franklin is opening up about his son’s struggle with mental health.

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the 52-year-old composer was asked about the relationship with his son, Kerrion Franklin, 34, post his recent arrest. Kerrion Franklin was detained back in April for allegedly driving a car owned by a woman who’d been reported missing. The Zeus network reality star spent two months behind bars before bailing out earlier this month.

Seemingly reluctant to answer the question, Kirk began the discussion:

“We historically have tried to keep our journey with our son and his state a private family matter. I love my son and we’ve been here for many, many, many years,”

Continuing, he stated:

“I’ve done everything that I could to try and help him for many, many many years. My son is a very talented, beautiful soul and the way that he was wired is not necessarily his fault. Some of us are born with very unique wiring and a lot of times in our community it is hard for us to acknowledge certain wiring. We want to think it’s something else.”

Kerrion Franklin

The “Imagine Me” artist then goes on to directly address his sons most recent incarceration. He stated:

“My son recently was incarcerated so we knew and we’ve been watching it for years. This is my boy. I know my son,”

He continued:

“Right now, I am proud of him because I think he is — we are privately trying to address some of those things. And I have to realize, Envy, that he may never be able to understand the gravity of what he did. 

Kerrion and his Grammy-Award-winning father have previously had heated moments in the public eye. Back in March of last year, the father-son duo circulated headlines after Kerrion released explicit audio from a confrontation the two had. Kirk’s rocky relationship with his son was also part of Kerrion’s BBLA storyline. The reality star gave a teary eyed account of his broken relationship with his father on the show.

After Kerrion posted bail, however, he thanked his parents and a few others via an Instagram post, seemingly insinuating that things may be on a better track with his multi-talented dad. Rapping up the discussion on The Breakfast Club, Kirk seemingly echoed the same sentiments, stating:

“For me, I may have to live with that and put his well-being before what he did.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson