R. Kelly Fanatic Arrested After Planning Attack On U.S. Attorney’s Office & Selling Ammo To Fellow Kelly Supporters 

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Fanatic Arrested After Planning Attack On U.S. Attorney’s Office & Selling Ammo To Fellow Kelly Supporters

One R. Kelly supporter is joining the singer behind bars following a disturbing video post.

According to reports, a man by the name of Christopher ‘DeBoski’ Gunn was detained this past Monday (June 27th) in Chicago on the charges of threatening federal prosecutors. Reportedly, the staunch R. Kelly stan posted a video on Youtube last year, inciting viewers to join his attack on Brooklyn based officials involved in the musician’s upcoming sex trafficking sentencing. Robert ‘R.’ Kelly, 55, was found guilty on eight counts of racketeering and trafficking charges in New York back in September of last year.

In the video, Christopher allegedly showed the location of the U.S. Attorney’s Office In Brooklyn, stating:

“That’s where they at. That’s where they work at…We’re going to storm they office. We’re gonna storm they office,”



“[I]f you ain’t got the stomach for the sh*t we bout to do, I’m asking that you just bail out.”

Additionally, the report claims the man added “a video clip of a group of four people about to shoot someone”. Reportedly, the video was posted a week after the “Ignition” artist was convicted in the big apple state.

During the Kelly trial, victims and witnesses testified against the Chicago musician, detailing events where he took advantage of boy and girl minors for his sexual exploitations. The singer was accused of taking the underage kids across state lines to perform sex acts among other things. In his upcoming sentencing, Kelly is facing a possible 25 years in prison.

His super fan Christopher also stands accused of selling ammunition through Cash App at least 8 times to suspected fellow Kelly supporters. The report claims buyers wrote notes on the payments such as ”

“30 rounds.. free R Kelly,”


“30 rounds on the haters.”


Christopher is set to make his first court appearance on this coming Monday (July 4th).

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Authored by: Kay Johnson