Three Michael Jackson Songs Removed From Streaming Following Fans’ Claims Of Fabricated Vocals

Michael Jackson

Three Michael Jackson Songs Removed From Streaming Following Fans’ Claims Of Fabricated Vocals

Fans of the late music icon Michael Jackson will not have three less songs to listen to.

Three tracks—’Breaking News,’ ‘Monster’ and ‘Keep Your Head Up’—have all been removed from streaming services after some fans long claimed they weren’t performed by Michael Jackson. Each of the songs were featured on the 2010 posthumous album Michael.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson‘s estate and Sony Music claim in a statement that the tracks were taken down in an effort to “move beyond” the controversy, but they stand by their claim that the vocals were not sung by a different person. Sony Music said,

“The Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music decided to remove the tracks ‘Breaking News,’ ‘Monster’ and ‘Keep Your Head Up,’ from the 2010 album ‘Michael’ as the simplest and best way to move beyond the conversation associated with these tracks once and for all.”

They added,

“The album’s remaining tracks remain available. Nothing should be read into this action concerning the authenticity of the tracks – it is just time to move beyond the distraction surrounding them.”

The tracks were the focus of an “unusually aggressive” legal campaign by fans, which was won by the estate in 2018. They were supposedly recorded in 2007, two years before Michael passed away from an accidental overdose.

Michael impersonator/musician Jason Malachi reportedly acknowledged in a 2011 Facebook post that he was actually behind the vocals. Jason Malachi said,

“Sheesh guys, I guess it’s time to confess. I’ve lied to many people, including someone today, but…. It was me. It was me who sang Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up, Monster and Stay. I had an agreement with the record company, but now the cat is out of the bag. Sorry to all my fans, and fellow Michael Jackson fans.”

Both Jason Malachi and his manager later refuted the claims, alleging that his page had been hacked and the post was false.

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Authored by: ShaCamree Gowdy