Bow Wow Says ‘Dude Really Need Help’ As He Addresses Orlando Brown’s Remarks That He Has ‘Bomb A** P*ssy’

Bow Wow Says ‘Dude Really Need Help’ As He Addresses Orlando Brown’s Remarks That He Has ‘Bomb A** P*ssy’

Orlando Brown isn’t letting up on the sexual comments he recently made about Bow Wow!

Former Disney star Orlando Brown recently alluded that he had a sexual encounter with rapper/actor Bow Wow. While speaking about the “Like You” rapper The 34-year-old actor said: 

“I ain’t got a problem with Lil Bow Wow. Lil Bow Wow got some bomb *ss p*ssy.”

Bow Wow, 35, has since denied Orlando Brown’s sexual claims in now-deleted tweets. He said:

“Since when legends GOT TO speak on f*ck*ry. Im filing my new tv show as we speak and preparing for a sold out show at the o2 arena for the millennium tour in  London. Ima 35 yr old father i dont play them type of games. You do know this bow u talking to right. I AM A BOY DAMON.”

Bow Wow added:

“Tweaked out… but you know dude really need help na im sayn? That’s why we aint trippin on em. Nobody taking him serious. It’s sad because he had potential to be great. Its sad. Dem drugs!”

Following Bow Wow’s tweets, Brown took it to social media and demanded that the rapper tell the truth. Brown said:

“Yo Shad. I just wanna tell you bro, thanks for recognizing me as a legend bro. You’re a legend yourself. I mean ima just keep it one thousand with you brother you know what I’m saying? I love you man. I love all your work man, you already know what’s going on man. Its squad.”

Brown continued:

“You gon’ have to really really address the fact that you got bomb p*ssy. Bow! You’ve got to tell people the truth Bow Wow. Tell people the truth bro. If you got bomb p*ssy you got to embrace that pussy. Wow!”

Brown added:

“You got to do things to let people know that your p*ssy is empowerment. Bow Wow! You know, I love you Shad, but I want you to know that my response to you doing your show and stuff, congratulations and your little, your concert you got going on. I wanna let you know man when you get on stage –”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill