Condolences: Houston’s DJ D Baby Dies After Falling From Apartment Balcony

Houston’s DJ D Baby Dies After Falling From 13th Floor Apartment Balcony

Houston is mourning the death of celebrity disk jockey, DJ D Baby.

Darien Lewis’s life came to an end when she fell from Camden apartments’ 13th floor balcony onto the 9th floor pool deck on Monday (July 4) around 5 in the morning. Darien Lewis was rushed to the hospital in which she later died on Wednesday (July 13).

According to reports her father Darrin Lewis said:

“She did things people that are 56 my age haven’t done.” 

Reports also state that social media speculates the circumstances of Darien Lewis’s fall. Some people point their fingers at her girlfriend who was present during the time of the fall. The 23-year-old’s girlfriend released a statement saying she’s heartbroken and had nothing to do with her girlfriends fall. Lewis’s girlfriend claimed she had been drinking, stood on balcony furniture, lost her balance and fell. 

Darrin Lewis added:

“We’re going to trust the system, and we’re going to let them do their job.” 

Lewis’s family took their tributes to social media. In a facebook post DJ D Baby’s mother.

Terri Lewis, said:

“My youngest and only daughter has transitioned, please pray for the family, my heart is heavy and broken.”

Lewis’s brother, Chase Taylor, said:

“She was that life for you guys, so now it’s everyone else’s turn to be that life for us, so we can watch those videos and those moments that we didn’t see, so we can see it and smile and reminisce on how great of a person she was.” 

Before she passed Lewis talked about her dreams of becoming a DJ. She said:

“The crazy part about is at the time, I could barely DJ. I saw going to college as a way to reinvent myself and start a new journey. The rest is history in the making. I’m most proud of being the youngest female DJ in Houston making a name for myself. I’m only 22 years old traveling the world to DJ, becoming a QC DJ, being a 1501 DJ, and being affiliated with some the best media outlets and brands. I love my job. My job has definitely had a big influence on my outlook of life.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill