Kevin Hart Opens Up About Losing “Entourage” Role: I Lost the Part to F*cking Bow Wow

Kevin Hart Opens Up About Losing “Entourage” Role to Bow Wow: I Lost the Part to F*cking Bow Wow

Kevin Hart gets candid about his disappointment over a role he lost early in his career.

Kevin Hart calls out Mark Wahlberg for not being cast on his hit show Entourage and jokes about losing the part to Bow Wow.

Comedian Kevin Hart opened up to Mark Wahlberg on his talk show, Hart to Heart, about his disappointment with losing out on a three-episode role on the hit HBO show, Entourage.

At the time, the 43-year-old actor was still working his way to the top in entertainment and knew the part would be great for his career.

He told Mark Wahlberg that he killed the audition and was confident he would get the role.

“My manager calls me, [and says] ‘Hey, they got a part. This part’s gonna run over about three episodes. They wanna see you. I go ‘Oh my god.’ I go read for [casting director] Sheila Jaffe. I come back; I got a callback. They call me back. I call my manager ‘Dave, they want me to come back.’ [He’s like] ‘That’s a callback. That’s good, dude. You got this.’ [I’m like,] ‘F**king right I got it.’”


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Kevin Hart says he returned for the callback and saw Bow Wow there as well. He read for the part, said his goodbyes, and stopped when he heard a loud, warm greeting when Bow Wow entered the room to read for the role. Kevin Hart recalled,

“I’m probably on the third step walking out and Bow Wow walks in the room and I hear ‘Hey.’ I’m like ‘What the f*ck is going on in there?’”

Hart says he stayed on the step for a few seconds and heard them “going through the roof” over Bow Wow’s callback audition.

He didn’t get another callback for the role.

“I just remember watching Entourage and seeing Bow Wow do the scene, and I was like ‘I lost the part to f*cking Bow Wow.’”

Bow Wow

Hart jokingly reveals that he set the 51-year-actor up with the story, to call him out for not choosing him for the part. Hart told Wahlberg,

“Bow Wow is a very talented guy, but at the time this hurt me. This is a big moment for me to say f*ck you to you. I set you up to tell you how I really feel.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Kevin Hart was ready for a role on Entourage at that point in his career?

Authored by: Dareise A. Jones