Update: Deshaun Watson – NFL Appealing Athlete’s Six-Game Suspension & Pushing For A Larger Punishment, Quarterback Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 25 Different Women

Update: Deshaun Watson – NFL Appealing Athlete’s Six-Game Suspension & Pushing For A Larger Punishment, Quarterback Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 25 Different Women

Update: Looks like the NFL wants a larger repercussion for Deshaun Watson.

According to reports, the National Football League announced today (Aug. 3) that it is appealing the initial 6-game suspension handed to Deshaun Watson for his alleged questionable behavior by the league’s disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson.

According to a statement from the league, the appeal will either be heard by commissioner Roger Goodell or his designee then a “written decision that will constitute final disposition of the dispute and is binding” will be released.

Reportedly, the NFL is looking for an indefinite suspension of at least one year for Deshaun Watson, in addition to a fine.

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Original Story: The NFL has finally made a decision on Deshaun Watson’s case.

Following accusations of sexual misconduct, Cleveland Brown’s quarterback, Deshaun Watson will serve a six-game suspension according to reports. 

Although Deshaun Watson violated the league’s personal conduct policy there was not enough evidence to justify an indefinite suspension. He will be eligible to return to the game on October 23. 

Deshaun Watson and his girlfriend Jilly Anais

According to reports, either party — the NFL or Deshaun Watson — has three business days to appeal the suspension. However, in advance of the decision, the NFLPA ( National Football League Players Association ) and Deshaun Watson released a joint statement saying they will not appeal regardless of the decision. They ask the NFL to do the same.

The statement said,

“In advance of Judge Robinson’s decision, we wanted to reiterate the facts of this proceeding. First, we have fully cooperated with every NFL inquiry and provided the NFL with the most comprehensive set of information for any Personal Conduct Policy investigation. A former federal judge — appointed jointly by the NFLPA and NFL — held a full and fair hearing, has read thousands of pages of investigative documents and reviewed arguments from both sides impartially. Every player, owner, business partner and stakeholder deserves to know that our process is legitimate and will not be tarnished based on the whims of the league office. This is why, regardless of her decision, Deshaun and the NFLPA will stand by her ruling and we call on the NFL to do the same.” 

As previously reported, Deshaun has been accused of sexual assault and inappropriate conduct during massage sessions in  civil lawsuits filed by 25 different women. The sexual misconduct encounters cited in the lawsuits took place while Watson was a member of the Houston Texans. 

The professional athlete confidentially settled 20 of the 24 lawsuits he was facing. 

Early Monday morning (Aug. 1), the attorney for Deshaun’s accusers,  Tony Buzbee, shared that the quarterback agreed to settle three of the remaining four active lawsuits against him.

Deshaun has continually denied all wrongdoing. He recently shared,

“I do understand that I do have regrets as far as the impact that [it’s had] on the community and people outside of just myself. And that includes my family. That includes this organization. That includes my teammates in this locker room that have to answer to these questions. That includes the fan base of the Cleveland Browns. That includes males, females, everyone across the, the world. That’s one thing I do regret is the impact that it’s triggered on so many people. It’s tough to have to deal with.”

Deshaun Watson

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Authored by: M. Hairston