Omarion Addresses The Backlash He Received Following His Verzuz Battle: One Day People Love You, & Then The Next, People Hate You

Omarion Addresses The Backlash He Received Following His Verzuz Battle: One Day People Love You, & Then The Next, People Hate You


It looks like Omarion has some things to get off his chest amid the criticism he received following his Verzuz performance!

While it’s been over a month since the infamous Verzuz battle between Mario, 35, and Omarion, 37, fans are still talking about what took place, many feeling like Omarion disappointed them with his vocals, or lack thereof.
Now, the B2K member is speaking out and sharing his thoughts on his performance and his frustration with naysayers. During a recent interview with Hello Beautiful, Omarion addressed the backlash he received following his versus battle. He said,
“I always tell people that the difference from when I started and now is that people feel like because it’s so easy to be famous on social media, they don’t actually have respect for people that have been cultivating their art and skills like in basketball or any other sports where there’s actual ranks.”

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He continued,

“One day people love you, and then the next, people hate you. One day, ‘he’s the greatest performer!’ And the next day it’s like, ‘Oh he can’t sing!’ like 22 years of work just goes away. So to be able to continue to focus on the purpose and the intent of why I’m even here and the legacy I’m creating has kept my joy intact.”

As previously reported, the music based virtual series “Verzuz” hosted a battle between 2000’s R&B singers Omarion and Mario. The face-off took place on Thursday (June 23) in Los Angeles as the duo went hit-for-hit during the hilariously chaotic battle. Omarion and Mario were delayed taking the stage for the match-up, and when they eventually did, issues from the sound system began to occur.

Despite the technical difficulties, the two went on to deliver a stellar show. However, Omarion’s performance wasn’t what R&B fans were hoping for, as Mario came out on top of the battle by a landslide.

The very next day, Omarion’s band members seemingly took a shot at him and critiqued his performance. On Friday (June 24),  the remaining group members took to Instagram to post a video to their actual page reacting to Omarion’s public defeat. They Jokingly captioned the post,

“You Got Served,”

and even tagged the “Touch” singer in the post.

Omarion is known as the lead singer of the boy band B2K from 2000 to 2004. The group consisted of members Lil Fizz, 36, J-Boog, 36, and Raz B, 37.


In his recent interview, Omarion also touched on his “unbothered” personality. He said,

“I think a lot of people get the concept and idea of unbothered misconstrued because sometimes people think that being unbothered is not acknowledging certain things. Being unbothered is maintaining your emotional intelligence and power and realizing that this person might be doing this intentionally, so do I react or do I respond? And I’m very much so a thoughtful person.”
When asked if people test him and poke at him, the “Ice Box” singer said,
“It’s not about anybody else because to be completely honest with you, I could burn the world down in the worst way and those are the thoughts that come through my mind—but how beneficial is it for me?”


Omarion continued,
“I will protect myself but at the end of the day, how we respond to things really puts us in the victory position or it puts us in a losing position and you know, me; I’m a winner. I’m a winner in life and I have a winner attitude.”
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Authored by: Monique Nicole