Omarion & Mario’s “Verzuz” Battle Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans Amid Chaotic Moments And Bad Sound

Omarion Mario Verzuz

Omarion, Mario

Omarion and Mario’s “Verzuz” Battle Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans Amid Chaotic Moments And Bad Sound

“Verzuz” has returned with a night of entertaining throwback R&B. 

On Thursday night (June 23) “Verzuz” hosted a R&B face-off in Los Angeles with singing legends Omarion and Mario. Giving the battle a twist, Mario and Omarion’s battle featured a pre-battle between the 2000’s R&B favorites Ray J and Bobby Valentino against Sammie and Pleasure P, 37. 

The pre-battle started off entertaining as Ray J, Bobby Valentino, Sammie and Pleasure P sang their hits, but eventually the singer’s egos took over. During Ray J’s turn to sing fans favorite “One Wish,” Bobby V, 42, Pleasure P and Sammie took over and harmonized Ray J’s hit song. The “One Wish” singer stopped the trio letting them know they were mad that they don’t own their hit songs. Ray J, 41, proceeded to sing, off-key, and blamed his son being present for his poor vocals.

Ray J explained:

“My wife don’t want no randoms watching the kids.”

Producers attempted to cut the pre-battle short and Pleasure P got upset because he couldn’t finish his segment with Sammie, 35. However, Bobby was asked to close out with two of his hits. Pleasure P felt cheated and announced Ray J rigged the show because he sponsored the event through his eyeglass business “Raycon.”

Amid the pre-battle, fans took their opinions to Twitter:


Fans were furious because of the delayed performance from Omarion and Mario

Eventually the pair took the stage to showcase their hit songs from the early 2000s. Fans continued to get angry during the singer’s performances because of the technical difficulties from the sound system. 

Omarion, 37 and Mario continued to put their best foot forward and sing their hearts out. The “Let Me Love You” singer threw shade at Omarion implying that Omarion and his guests, Jeremih, Tank and more, sounded off-key. Omarion clapped back at Mario, 35, saying he envied not making it to the Millenium Tour.

Mario replied:

 “I didn’t wanna be in that raggedy sh*t.” 

Adding more spice to his performance, Omarion and his brother O’Ryan tried to seduce the crowd by eating a slice of watermelon on stage.

Fans reacted to the “Verzuz” battle all night long!

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill