Phaedra Parks Says Starring On Real Housewives Of Atlanta Can Result In Trauma: I Think Anyone That’s Been On It For Over Four To Five Years Will Experience Some PTSD

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks Says Starring On ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Can Result In Trauma: I Think Anyone That’s Been On It For Over Four To Five Years Will Experience Some PTSD 

Phaedra Parks seemingly has a goal of helping people battling depression. 

Phaedra Parks

In a recent interview, Phaedra Parks opened up about going through a dark time in her life following her exit from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta in 2017. Phaedra Parks appeared on the show for seven consecutive seasons and left after her explosive friendship breakup with castmate Kandi Burruss. During her interveiw, Parks detailed her mental health journey and shared the affirmations throughout her recovery in a new book that is part memoir and part meditative guide. Parks said:

“When I left ‘Housewives,’ it was a very dark time and I went through … depression and a lot of emotions because ‘Housewives’ can give you PTSD. I think anyone that’s been on it for over four to five years will experience some PTSD because it can be very traumatic.”

Parks continued:

“So I wanted to write a book for women — men can read it, too — that really gave a part of my testimony of just being an overcomer.”

The 48-year-old added:

“As you can see, God gave me double for my trouble, honey. I look younger, I feel younger and I lost nothing.”

The single mom of two, who maintains careers as an attorney, mortician, producer, and actress, battled her thoughts through shame and “suicidal ideations.” She added:

“Sometimes when people go through bad things, they don’t have a prayer life or they don’t really understand the power of meditation, the power of thinking positive, the power of claiming and proclaiming success, healing over their lives.”

Parks elaborated:

“I talk about personal stories from my life. And at the end, I give a meditation that helped me through those moments … I want to be that bridge, I want to be that encouragement for someone who doesn’t have someone to talk to.”

Parks admitted:

“I just want people to know, even through my book, there’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘I need help,’ or, ‘I’m feeling this way,’” she points out. “You should be able to feel transparent to people who love you — and get aid.” 

Parks’ happiness stems from raising her two boys. She explained:

“My children are my greatest accomplishments because to continue my legacy, I am imparting all the things that I have learned into them as a parent.”

Phaedra Parks and her sons

The author hasn’t released a date and title for her literary project yet.

As previously reported, Parks has no desire to be a ‘RHOA’ peach holder again. Parks said:

“No, I don’t want to pick up a peach. If I wanted a peach, I would have a peach pie, but that’s not… no, as I’ve made it very clear, that’s not what I want to do. No. I will be yachting. Let them continue to sail away on the Titanic, OK?”

Parks noted that the reasoning for her leaving the reality show was “b.s” and every side of the story should be heard. She said:

“My departure [from ‘RHOA‘] was a crock of bs. There’s always two sides to every story and then there’s the truth. And let’s just say, there’s only one side that was heard.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill