Ayesha Curry Slams Her 2019 “Red Table Talk” Appearance, Claims Editing Was Manipulated To Make Her “Sound Crazy”: It’s Not What I Said

Ayesha Curry, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Norris

Ayesha Curry Slams Her 2019 “Red Table Talk” Appearance, Claims Editing Was Manipulated To Make Her “Sound Crazy”: It’s Not What I Said

Some say all press is good press.

In a recent interview, however, NBA wife Ayesha Curry and her family made it clear that is not always true when it comes to protecting your mental health while reflecting on their past interview on “Red Table Talk”.

Ayesha Curry

If you recall Ayesha Curry, 34, along with mother in law Sonya Curry and sisters in law Sydel Curry-Lee and Callie Rivers-Curry appeared on the former Facebook Watch series back in 2019. The famed basketball family was interviewed by actress Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Willow Smith, and mother Adrienne Bandfield-Norris, who hosted the show regularly with rotating guests before it was axed by Meta earlier this year. Following the interview, Ayesha Curry recieved major backlash after seemingly claiming to be a little “insecure” due to not getting attention from other men despite being a married woman.

During a more recent interview, the mom of three gave a little more insight on what the moment was like for her. Ayesha reportedly claimed that the conversation viewers saw was “out of context” from what was actually discussed. Blaming poor editing for sparking the situation, the chef and author stated the episode was:

“Edited in a way that made me sound crazy,”


“It’s not what I said, and the context was weird…I took that one personally.”

Reportedly, Sydel Curry -Lee was also present during Ayesha’s recent interview, and touched on how bad press can negatively effect mental health. Ayesha reportedly insinuated that the situation on “RTT” inspired her to take a step back from the spotlight and focus on her family and business. Sydel reportedly stated:

“Media is a very ruthless space…Celebrities are real people. All press is good press, but that’s not true when it comes to our emotions and our mental health…we’re all about protecting our peace.” 

Sydel Curry-Lee

At the time the debacle took place, Steph Curry, 35, who married Ayesha back in 2011, immediately showed support for his wife. While the socialite defended herself online, urging internet users not to only “read headlines and rumors”, the Golden State Warriors champion penned a sweet message to his partner, writing:

“Proud of you for being authentic and putting yourself out there – not being afraid of the potential bull s#*# and nonsense that could and did come at you. Way more positive than negative with all of this. Keep being you. I love you”

It seems focusing more on business instead of interviews has ultimately proved lucrative. Along with a cookbook and several bug business partnerships, Ayesha recently launched a new lifestyle and wellness company called Sweet July that reportedly: publishes a quarterly magazine; runs a production studio; puts out its own line of lifestyle products like candles, tableware, and jewelry; and maintains an Oakland storefront where all these things are on offer. Neither Jada Pinkett-Smith nor any one from “RTT” has seemed to have spoken out since the accusations were made.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson