Nicki Minaj Accused By Youtuber Of “Motivating” ‘Barbz’ To Threaten & Harass Her, Claims Her Personal Info Was Circulated Online & She Has Been Receiving Death Threats

Nicki Minaj, Kimberly Nicole Foster

Nicki Minaj Accused By Youtuber Of “Motivating” ‘Barbz’ To Threaten & Harass Her, Claims Her Personal Info Was Circulated Online & She Has Been Receiving Death Threats

Some of rap icon Nicki Minaj’s inappropriate super fans may soon find themselves in legal trouble.

According to recent reports, popular Youtube figure Kimberly Nicole Foster, 33, is seeking to have some of Nicki Minaj’s fans, known as the”Barbz”, answer to the law. Foster claims overzealous Nicki stans have been sending her death threats and other disturbing messages following several critiques she gave about the rapper. The social media influencer additionally stated she believes Minaj is at fault, insinuating the artist encourages said behavior due to the way she interacts with her fans.

Nicki Minaj

The saga began when Foster, who regularly offers commentary on prominent culture celebs, tweeted:

“Nicki is so clearly a horrible person. Negativity sticks to her like glue. Idk if we’ve ever seen this before.”

It wasn’t long before Foster began to receive a kind of backlash she slowly realized was more than the norm. Speaking on the matter, she stated:

“It was normal, annoying stuff where I was like, ‘OK, block and move on….The messages became more threatening and dark, and then it started to be, ‘We’re gonna find you. I’m gonna kidnap you, I hope you get raped.’”

Reportedly, the Youtube star is a Harvard Graduate who has previously used her platform for female empowerment and even once praised Minaj. However, now that her online presence has shifted to entertainment commentary, it seems her interactions online have been increasingly hostile, especially with the ‘Barbz’. The group of super fans were recently accused of harassing another of their idol’s criticizers who is currently being sued by the rapper.

Foster shared messages of the harassment. She claims one Nicki fan shared her number online with the intention of getting mass amounts of hate messages to her.

Some of the disturbing messages allege that random internet strangers know where Foster lives and threatened to kidnap her. One user even went as far as threatening her family. Speaking on it, Foster explained that after sharing with her 80k followers she was attending a family a friends day with her sisters children, one user threatened the kids would be “collateral damage”. She stated:

“Someone sent me screenshots about, ‘I’m gonna find the kids’ address,’ and, ‘I don’t care,’ and, ‘They’ll be collateral damage,’”

While Foster reportedly continues to build a case for court, she’s expressed that she believes Minaj is partly to blame. The Youtuber noted posts the “Super Freaky Girl” artist liked on Twitter, stating she thinks the actions performed by the ‘Barbz’ is simply to get the super stars attention. She stated:

“There’s an understanding among the Barbz that the harder they go for her—the more virulent the nastiness—there’s more of an opportunity for her to recognize them,”

Reports state that Foster plans to gather evidence in the form of “phone numbers, Twitter handles, and IP addresses” and begin filing suit as early as next week. However the report also notes that Minaj, at this time, is clear of any fault in the suit.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson