NeNe Leakes On Her ‘RHOA’ Reunion Walk-Off: It Felt Like The Rules Only Applied To Me

NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes On Her ‘RHOA’ Reunion Walk-Off: It Felt Like The Rules Only Applied To Me

In lieu of last night’s (5/17/20) airing of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special, NeNe Leakes is explaining her reasons for walking off the set. NeNe Leakes previously forewarned fans that she was treated unfairly by her fellow peach-holding castmates during the reunion:

“…it was all questioning me. Me, me, me, me! NeNe, NeNe, NeNe, NeNe! I thought, ‘Okay. So it’s all me.’ According to everything I saw this season, they said they carried the show, I’m not in that many episodes, they in the majority of the episodes- so why should I have had that many questions?…when I’m asked a question, all these people jumpin’ in! Majority of the time, it was Eva [Marcille] and Kenya [Moore] jumpin’ in. You know Eva’s got to save her plum and make it into a peach – so she’s gotta do whatever she gotta do at this point.”

But fans were shocked to see the reality vet close her computer and walk off the set of the self-taped RHOA reunion. NeNe Leakes explained why she left with an Instagram message to her followers:

“It only felt right to personally REMOVE MYSELF from the reunion! So much had happened this season! (the cookie lady, Mark & Kenya’s fake marriage, Dennis accusations, Snake gate and much more… but drilling me on subjects, muting me, flashing back to things that had happened since the show has wrapped (like my relationship with Wendy) while in quarantine. (why didn’t they ask about Kandi’s restaurant shooting then if that’s what were doing) interviews I’ve done since we wrapped the show that has nothing to do with the show)”

She continued:

“After deciding that apologizing for certain things was only right) that wasn’t genuine enough! Starting over with lil sis Porsha was made fun of and here they go bringing someone on the reunion that i was personally told by executives wasn’t allowed on set anymore! All this and so much more felt like the rules only applied to me and that i was being held to a different standard than others but you continue to be the judge”

The Head Peach In Charge says she deserved the break she took:

“They had not said on here once, ‘We gon’ have a pee break! Anybody want some water?’ We have our drinks, so we can just drink whatever we wanna drink…I closed my computer. I went to go use the bathroom, and I thought, ‘I need a break, so I’m just gon’ take a break.’ Whenever I felt like I wanted to take a break, I was gon’ take a break- because I’m [if] just the person you’re gonna ask questions to, I’mma need a break a little bit more than everybody else, I guess.”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay