NBA’s Draymond Green’s Mother Defends Him After Punching Teammate Jordan Poole: That Wasn’t A Sucker Punch!

Mary Babers-Green, Draymond Green, Jordan Poole

NBA’s Draymond Green’s Mother Defends Him After Punching Teammate Jordan Poole: That Wasn’t A Sucker Punch!

Draymond Green’s mother is coming to his defense after he recently hit fellow team member Jordan Poole while at practice at the Golden State Warriors facility.

According to reports, Draymond Green’s mother, Mary Babers-Green, took to Twitter on Monday (October 10) to speak out regarding the controversial incident involving her son and his teammate.

Draymond Green, Mary Babers-Green

Mary Babers-Green seemingly justified Draymond Green’s reaction to the situation, claiming he only hit Jordan Poole because he was shoved in the first place. She also says her son was not trying to pick a fight and seemingly believes the incident has been blown out of proportion. Before deleting her account, she tweeted,

“They can get beyond this. Anything is fixable! Everything ain’t always what you think you see!”

In a follow-up tweet, Mary Babers-Green also denied that Green’s fist into Jordan Poole’s face was a “sucker punch.” She wrote,

“That wasn’t a Sucker punch. Dray didn’t aggressively go to Poole. His hands were down. Man to Man you go over to talk (to ask what’s up, what you say)! Got shoved and reacted.. End of story!”

Jordan Poole

Babers-Green went on to delete her Twitter account on Tuesday (October 11), tweeting the following,

“Enjoy Twitter- I’ll just leave the chirping for the birds and let ’em tweet! I’m going to deactivate this app so no one can say what I think or believe! I hope it can work itself out for the betterment of the Dubs!”

As previously reported, Green and Poole got into a physical altercation during their Warriors team practice. In video footage obtained by sources, the two men were seen trash talking each other and sparring insults. Things took a turn for the worse when Green walked over to Poole and got in his face. Poole then reacts by pushing Green who then punches Poole in the face, knocking him down to the ground. Several people then intervened to break up the altercation.

Green reportedly plans to take time away from the organization to give Poole and his teammates space. Warriors coach Steve Kerr said the timeline for Green’s return is unknown. Warriors general manager Bob Myer had this to say,

“These things happen. Nobody likes it, we don’t condone it, but it happens. Draymond apologized to the team. Jordan was there in the room… As far as any suspension, punishment, fine, we will handle that internally.”

Draymond Green

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely