Reality Star Hazel E Confirms Split From Husband, Claims He Abused Her & Their Daughter While Sharing Alarming Photos


Reality Star Hazel E Confirms Split From Husband, Claims He Abused Her & Their Daughter While Sharing Alarming Photos

Prayers up for Hazel-E.

The former Love & Hip Hop star recently shared a message on peace and healing, while seemingly confirming she’s left her alleged abusive husband. Hazel, born Arica Tiffany Adams, 42, married De’Von Waller, 28, back in September 2020. The pair share a two-year-old daughter who Hazel alleges has been abused by her estranged husband as well.

De’Von Waller, Hazel-E & daughter

While vacationing in Aruba, the rapper spoke on her life as of late. Hazel shared that she’s in a place of figuring out what she wants after spending two years being “controlled”. During the live video, she said:

“My last night in Aruba baby I’m so thankful for this journey….Healing, some self love it hasn’t been easy, I’ve been dealing with craziness the whole time,”

Hazel continued, thanking everyone who’s been supportive during this time and further elaborating on her marital situation. She stated:

“I didn’t want this….I tried to avoid me raising my daughter alone….[but] I don’t want to be controlled….I’m tired of not being able to be myself. I’m tired of mental abuse, actual abuse….my daughter not getting the full love and attention that she deserves without it being a hostile situation….I ain’t want this,”

Along with video, the reality star posted several disturbing screenshots and videos seemingly showing Waller being overly aggressive. One image is allegedly from Waller slamming Hazel’s arm in the door.

In another post, the TV personality seemingly accused her husband of giving their child a black eye. Captioned along with a picture of the toddler, Hazel wrote:

“imagine being in the hospital…and when your baby finally visits she comes in with a black eye.”

Hazel followed up with nanny cam video footage, showing Waller angrily tossing the toddler while attempting to change her diaper. The LHH cast member also shared a voicemail where Waller refers to her as dumb b*tch with the caption:


It seems Hazel wholly plans to move on from the marriage. Ending her live video, the entertainer asked for prayers as she enters a new chapter.

We continue to keep Hazel and her child’s safety in our prayers.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson