Chrisette Michele Announces She’s In The Midst Of A Three-Year-Divorce: It Has Lasted Longer Than The Marriage

Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele Announces She’s In The Midst Of A Three-Year-Divorce: It Has Lasted Longer Than The Marriage

Chrisette Michele is still in an ongoing divorce from her estranged husband  Doug “Biggs” Ellison.

Chrisette Michele, ex-husband Doug ‘Biggs’ Ellison

On Wednesday (Nov. 2) singer Chrisette Michele took to Instagram to update her fans on the progress of divorcing her husband of three years, Doug Ellison.

As previously reported, the pair tied the knot in 2016 and decided to call it quits in 2018. In a series of four posts, The Grammy Award winner explained:

“I’m in the middle of a 3 year divorce. It’s lasted longer than the actual marriage did.”

Chrisette Michele continued:

“I never mention it because people tend to have a narrative about how long one should stay ‘broken.’ I refuse to stay ‘broken.’”

The 39-year-old said:

“People also have narratives about the hearts of humans who choose divorce. I’ve decided to liberate my experience anyway.”

In her final post, she indicated to her readers that she’d elaborate on how she really feels in a caption. Chrisette wrote:

“So, I’m in the middle of a 3 year divorce. It has lasted longer than the marriage. Would you say a kind word about me to your Father? Some days when I’m traveling, I’m heading to court cases. I smile but I might feel sad that day and wear my shades. Some days, I’m listening to the latest Karen Kingsbury book while headed to the gym for a fun work out with my trainer. I might feel full of joy and excitement! Still some days I feel a little happiness and a little disappointment at the very same time. “

Bringing her followers back to reality, pointing out the facts that humans feel different emotions on different days, she continued:

“Humans are capable of multiple feelings at once. Joy and sadness, happiness and frustration. One can be a peaceful warrior. A tranquil advocate. Fearless yet challenged. That’s what divorce is like. Some days it’s heavy. Some days it’s not on your mind at all. Some days you pray no one asks you about it, because it’s a boring, monotonous topic. There’s so much to do and achieve and think about and one mind is just enough to get it all done with grace. I’ve learned that people will try to box your emotions in to what they can handle. They need you to be “just sad” or “just happy” or “just peaceful”. When you’re going through a divorce, people want you to “be healing” and “getting through it”. What if 200 therapy sessions was enough? What if your heart has already moved on to the next amazing exploits of life? Who gives you permission to show up fully? “

Doug Ellison, Chrisette Michele

The New York native added:

“I do. Liberation asks me to be as many things as I am, all at once, without apology, defense or explanation. All the parts of me are friends. They live in one body and are led by one spirit. Liberation knows about the past, grace for the present moment and BIG ENERGY for the future.A friend of mine, recently encouraged me to open up a little to the public about things I go through. She told me, I’m not alone and there might be other people who are having similar experiences. Words create community. Maybe she’s right… so here goes!”

Giving her followers a chance to share their divorce experiences, Chrisette concluded:

“I’m in the end stages of a divorce. It’s lasted for 3 years. Longer than the actual marriage. That’s one of my current experiences. What’s your divorce experience been like? Share #Liberation”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill