Magic Johnson Says ‘I Told Him Love Who You Want To Love, I’m Going To Support You No Matter What,’ While Speaking About His Son’s Sexuality

Magic Johnson, Earvin Johnson III

Magic Johnson Says ‘I Told Him Love Who You Want To Love, I’m Going To Support You No Matter What,’ While Speaking About His Son’s Sexuality

NBA Hall of Famer Earvin “Magic” Johnson is in total support of his son Earvin “EJ” Johnson III, no matter what!

The former Los Angeles Laker star recently stopped by Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay to chat about his career and other greats like Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Lebron James.

The pair also spent some time discussing Magic Johnson’s son, EJ Johnson, 30. Since coming out publicly as a gay man in 2013, EJ Johnson has commanded the attention of fans and haters alike with his bright personality and bold fashion choices. Much of the unwanted commentary questions if EJ’s father, a five-time NBA champion, is okay with him being his authentic self.

Magic Johnson-Shannon Sharpe

Magic Johnson-Shannon Sharpe

While at Club Shay Shay, Magic Johnson,63, gave this honest response,

“He made me change. It wasn’t he had to adjust, I had to adjust.”

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what Magic Johnson did. As EJ revealed in a previous interview, his father and mom Cookie,63, initially struggled with the news of his sexual orientation when he came out to them in 2010. He previously shared,

“Especially my dad, because he was really the last person to talk to. I think it was just a lot for him to swallow in that conversation. A lot of just going back and forth. And he just was rattling off about things that weren’t particularly nice. But he’s not somebody who works great being cornered or surprised.”

Magic & Cookie with their family on the Steve Harvey Show.

The former “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” star even stated that Magic Johnson often put rules in place about the way he could dress. Nevertheless, this mentality would not last long. Upon returning home in 2013 from two months at New York University, EJ said that his dad’s outlook on lifestyle had completely changed.

“He picked me up at my dorm and I was like, ‘Oh, whatever, hey.’ And he hugged me so hard — he was, like, squeezing all the air out of me. That’s when I knew, there’s nothing but love here.”

This was the sentiment echoed by Magic Johnson during his interview with host Shannon Sharpe,

“I finally told him you [are] my son. I don’t care. You want to be a gay man. I’m supporting that. I’m supporting you. I tell him all the time. I’m so proud of you. Live your life just like I’m living my life. So, live your life. Love who you want to love. Dad is going to support you all the way.”

Magic can often be heard boasting about his son in various interviews and posing with him on the red carpet and in family photos. For those, especially from the Christian community, who are not in agreement with him accepting EJ as he is, Magic had this to say,

“I’m a Christian man. I go to Church too, but I love my son. I ain’t stepping away from my son.”

He added,

“We all got to love our children no matter what they decide to do. Whoever they decide to love or like, you got to support them.”

Watch the full interview here:

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Authored by: Quita B.