EJ Johnson Responds To Critics Calling Him Out For Wearing A Dress [Photo]

EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson Responds to Critics Calling Him Out For Wearing a Dress to Golden Globes

EJ Johnson has continued to flaunt his selective fashion choice and bursting personality, despite receiving a considerably large amount of backlash.

EJ Johnson

As the son to Magic Johnson steadily challenges society norms, he is also redefining fashion for men within his own terms. For instance, for the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, Johnson wore a black Alexandre Vauthier dress with a slit in the leg, accompanied with black heels.

The former reality star shared the image on Instagram,

 Golden globes #2019 #teamthis

As some praised his looks, others were quick to criticize his choice of fashion. One user wrote,

If my son ever pulled something like this I would whoop his add 040349 that’s too embarrassing.

Johnson responded,

Your son can pull anu look he chooses even this one regardless of your ignorance.

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Authored by: Andre Palmer