Rihanna’s Dad Threatened W/ Lawsuit From Viral Internet Star 

Rihanna’s Dad Threatened W/ Lawsuit From Viral Internet Star 

Rihanna’s dad is in more legal trouble—and it’s because he’s been pretending to represent his famous daughter…again. This time he’s been threatened with a lawsuit from a popular Internet star.

Ronald Fenty, superstar Rihanna’s father, has found himself in another round of legal hot water and the territory is very familiar because it’s due to the same alleged business dealings that caused him and his daughter to have issues earlier this year.


Back in January, Rihanna sued her father due to claims that he’s fraudulently profiting off her worldwide brand by continuing to falsely advertise himself as her representative through a talent development company called Fenty Entertainment.

That lawsuit is still ongoing, but Fenty should be prepared for another legal battle. Viral Internet star Chef Henny (real name Harvey Justice) is now threatening to sue Fenty for claiming that he told him on numerous occasions that he represented Rihanna. He also claims that Fenty continued to insist that Rihanna played a central role in the company.


Chef Henny says he trusted Fenty, signing a contract with him in April 2018. That contract allegedly promised Henny a $750K marketing budget, but he says he’s only gotten $50K, after a full year of being signed. When he inquired about the money, Henny says Fenty told him it’s being held up by a South American investor.

Chef Henny is seeking the money he was promised plus extra for additional damages.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings