Blueface’s Baby’s Mother, Jaidyn Alexxis, & Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Exchange Words Prior To The Rapper’s Release For Attempted Murder 

Blueface’s Baby’s Mother, Jaidyn Alexxis, & Girlfriend Chrisean Rock Exchange Words Prior To The Rapper’s Release For Attempted Murder

It looks like Blueface made sure that he had both of the women in his life on speed dial during his brief stay behind bars.

If you didn’t know, rapper Blueface was recently arrested for attempted murder after allegedly pulling a gun out and firing off at someone outside of a club in Las Vegas last month.


According to reports, the incident was a result of an altercation that happened between the male “victim” and Blueface’s crew inside the venue on Oct. 8.

Subsequent to the ordeal, the man arrived in his truck and approached the “Thotiana” lyricist and his team, asking which of the individuals had attacked him in the establishment, which seemingly prompted Blueface to retaliate. Ultimately, upon notice of the shots, the driver sped off in his vehicle.

However, on Tuesday (Nov. 15), Blueface was taken into custody while sitting in front of Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles in Las Vegas with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock. He is facing felony attempted murder with the use of a deadly firearm or tear gas, and additional charges such as discharging a gun into a house, building, vehicle, or craft.

Blueface’s mugshot

He appeared before the Clark County judge and was granted a $50,000 bail; he’s set to return to court on January 24, 2023. Of course, Blueface’s lady, Chrisean Rock, wasted no time joining forces with his manager, Wack 100, to see to it that Blueface would be uncuffed and out of the police’s hands.

Chrisean Rock also took to Instagram to address many social media users’ comments about Blueface’s arrest being her sign to leave their “toxic relationship.” Without a doubt, she made it clear that she was “riding and sliding” for her man, no matter what!

Blueface & Chrisean Rock

The mother of Blueface’s children, Jaidyn Alexxis, seemingly got wind of Chrisean Rock’s posts in support of bringing the rapper home, and she had a few things to say. Jaidyn Alexis posted her phone’s call log, indicating that Wack 100 and Blueface had also been making calls to her during his lock-up stint.

Rock responded by questioning Jaidyn Alexxis’ failure to appear in the courtroom and assured that she was the one sticking beside him, regardless of Alexxis’ claims.

Alexxis has since tweeted about the situation, (somewhat) making it known that she was (indeed) over Blueface but he’s still the father of her kids.

She said,

“Let’s be clear n I’m done idc what or who he be on or do but THIS/MY family I’m stand on it.”


Clearly, all of the chaos has quieted down, and Blueface is out of the slammer and into the arms of Rock again.

Here’s what she had to say…

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell