Congresswoman Karen Bass Makes History As The First Woman Elected As Mayor Of Los Angeles

Karen Bass

Congresswoman Karen Bass Makes History As The First Woman Elected As Mayor Of Los Angeles

The City Of Los Angeles just proved they are ready for big change!

According to an Associated Press projection, Democratic representative Karen Bass has defeated Rick Caruso in the Los Angeles mayor’s race, officially making her the first woman to ever hold the position. Reports state that with 70% of votes counted, Karen Bass, 69, took an overwhelming lead over Caruso. The California native is the second Black person to ever be elected as mayor of the city.

It seems the City Of Angels is hoping that Bass’ history of unifying races and working with various medical patients will allow her to successfully address the city’s biggest issues. Reportedly, many residents of L.A. counties are worried about the increasing crime and homelessness rates. Bass campaigned around her previous experience working as a physician assistant in emergency rooms, which she says gives her a well-rounded perspective on how to tackle tough problems. During a campaign interview earlier this year, Bass reportedly stated:

“I have a background in the medical field. I’ve worked with these patients….I spent several years in the emergency room at (LA) county. My patients were homeless. My patients were mentally ill. They had substance abuse. I know these systems.”

The politician also highlighted her community work and emphasized her reputation of being a collaborative listener and legislator. Reportedly, Bass founded a nonprofit in the 1990s called Community Coalition. The program helped unify Black and Latino community organizers and focused on the root causes of the crime and crack epidemic. Unity seems much needed after three L.A. city council members were ousted for racist and bigoted remarks last month.

Bass reportedly stated on her campaign trail that she would declare homelessness a state of emergency to demonstrate the seriousness of the issue. During her victory speech on Wednesday (November 16th), the mayor-elect stated:

“The people of Los Angeles have sent a clear message: it is time for change and it is time for urgency….Tonight, 40,000 Angelenos will sleep without a home – and five will not wake up. Crime is increasing and families are being priced out of their neighborhoods. This must change.”

Though Bass’ competitor, Rick Caruso reportedly outspent her greatly – shelling out $100 million of his own money into his campaign, it seems L.A. didn’t allow that to factor into their final votes. The former republican, turned independent, turned democrat, reportedly called Bass to concede following her victory. Congratulations to Karen Bass!


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Authored by: Kay Johnson