Michael Rapaport Slams 21 Savage For Claiming Nas Is No Longer ‘Relevant’: There’s Nothing Positive In Your Sh*t

Michael Rapaport Slams 21 Savage For Claiming Nas Is No Longer ‘Relevant’: There’s Nothing Positive In Your Sh*t

Actor/comedian Michael Rapaport isn’t here for rapper 21 Savage’s disrespect toward one of the Hip-Hop greats, and he’s letting it be known.

Earlier this week, 21 Savage came under fire after claiming that lyrical legend Nas is no longer relevant to the music industry. He made the controversial comments in a Clubhouse room where Nas’ latest album, King Disease III, was being discussed.

While expanding on the topic of pioneer artists who could still maintain longevity in today’s era, 21 Savage said,

“N*ggas saying all of that longevity sh*t, n*gga name somebody else from back then that can drop an album right now.”

He continued:

“Technically, anybody can [drop an album]. Like, all them n*ggas could drop one if they wanted to. What y’all saying [is] relevant, though? I don’t feel like he’s relevant. I just feel like he got a fanbase.” 

When asked to clarify his statements about Nas, the “Jimmy Cooks” rhymer replied,

“No, he’s not relevant; he just has a loyal-a** fanbase. He just has a loyal fanbase and he still makes good-a** music. But what’s y’all’s definition of relevant, bro?”

Following the backlash 21 Savage received, he took to his Twitter account to clear the air, alleging that the public was only trying to “take stuff and run with it.”

“I would never disrespect Nas or any legend who paved the way for me y’all be tryna take stuff and run with it.”

Nas hasn’t had much to say about Savage’s remarks–other than an Instagram photo of himself with a laughing emoji and the word “LOVE” in the caption.

However, we definitely can’t say the same for Michael Rapaport, who has since shared a video on YouTube to give his sentiments on the viral situation.

In the clip, after speaking on other current topics in pop culture, Michael Rapaport started the subject off with,

“And then you get to a guy like 21 Savage, who I didn’t even mention on the Drake record last week. [I was like], ‘I don’t want to talk about 21 Savage ’cause what’s to talk about?’ Tried to listen to this guy, 21 Savage, [who’s] widely popular. I know… I think he makes a million dollars a show. A million f*cking dollars a show! I know if I say 21 Savage makes a million dollars a show, Eric B and Rakim are turning over in their grave. I know if I say 21 Savage makes a million dollars a show, Kool G Rap and [DJ] Polo are kicking and screaming in their grave. [I know] somebody’s like, ‘What the f*ck you talking about? They’re alive.’ I’m quoting the great Charles Barkley.”

Rapaport then continued by indicating that 21 Savage’s music may not be as worldly known as most think it is:

“Why, me, Michael Rapaport, gets so offended? Because, number one, 21 Savage, I guarantee you, if I walked around the streets of New York, and I asked people to quote your best line, it would be hard for me to find somebody that would be able to quote a quotable line. Nas’ first joint was a posse cut! And he had quotable lines on his first joint! The very first time we heard him.”

He added, quoting some of “Nasty Nas'” notable verses,

“I went to hell for snuffing Jesus,” that right there is better than your entire catalog, 21 Savage! Him on ‘Live at the Barbeque’–his verse on ‘Live at the Barbeque’–is better than your entire catalog! And I’m sure you’ve made tons of records; I know people love you. I know people like, ‘Mike Rap, who the f*ck are you to talk about Hip-Hop, you white boy! Who the f*ck to talk? Stay out of the culture, you culture vulture!’ – Suck my d*ck! SMD!”

To conclude, Rapaport came for Savage’s rap skills, seemingly indicating that Drake, who he just released a joint album with, is better.

“You’re talking about [Nas] is not relevant? To who? Obviously, Nas is not relevant to you because you could hear it in your work! He’s relevant to Drake; I guarantee Drake listened to that ‘King’s Disease’ album–over and over and over and over.”

He also compared Savage’s flow to Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat.”

“You’re like ‘Cat in the Hat.’ That’s the kind of sh*t you’re on! And, like I said, people will say, ‘Yo, he’s making money!’ [But] that’s the kind of rapper you are. ‘Cat in the Hat,’ jumped over the bat, and he flipped and he flapped, yappity yap! There’s nothing positive in your sh*t. You’re not doing metaphors and poetry and any of the stuff like that! For anybody to say that Nas isn’t relevant, it’s just ’cause you’re not a Nas fan!”

Here’s Michael Rapaport’s full video. 21 Savage conversation begins at 11:30 mark.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell